Top Tools for Instagram Marketers to Enhance Brand Engagement

One of the biggest uses of social media is brand marketing and customer engagement. The trend started with Facebook and Twitter but now that Instagram has gained a critical mass that simply can’t be ignored, it has evolved to become one of the top marketing platforms for businesses. After all with more than 500 million active users per month uploading 70 million photos per day, which marketer can afford to ignore the potential of Instagram to reach out to customers with offers ranging from apparel to vacations? Apart from the tools that are available on the app, there are a number of tools that marketers can use to increase their brands’ presence on Instagram. Some of the top ones:

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With the help of Yotpo, marketers can leverage their marketing with user-generated content that is considered by audiences all over the world as the most trustworthy. By using the various features available in the Yotpo dashboard, marketers can automate the procedure of requesting customers for product reviews that can then be embedded in your web content to promote various web pages. The tool also makes available a very handy solution for curating social media content that enables marketers to discover and ask permission for using interesting Instagram content.

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It can be very complicated to curate social media content because there are multiple elements like getting to know what is trending, management of publishing rights and integration of the sales strategy. Yotpo makes product discovery by your target audience easy – all marketers have to do is to tag the products into a collection of Instagram posts that they have curated. Now, by using an embed code marketers can place the post collection on the pages they like so that they can leverage user-generated content to the maximum.


The Repost app for Instagram is also a great tool for discovering user-generated content. Since Instagram does not have any feature that allows marketers to re-share posts, they can instead use Repost.

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Often marketers get bogged down with the management of their Instagram accounts and are unable to focus properly on the content. With ScheduGram they can now upload all their visual content to a gallery form where they can very conveniently and easily edit or beautify the images and then share them on the selected Instagram accounts. Marketers can also set up a sharing calendar that will ensure that they are able to post content regularly at the times when they can reach out to the maximum number of their followers.

The main advantage of using ScheduGram is that marketers can manage a number of Instagram accounts belonging to the same company or if they are marketing service providers, for different clients. With ScheduGram, marketers are able to develop and manage content for multiple accounts from a single interface. As a marketer, if you feel that you would not like to get bogged down with account management, you can entrust the job to specialist social media marketing services provider like instamacro.

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As every marketer knows, conducting hashtag contests is the most rewarding methods of enhancing customer engagement, creating a buzz around the brand, and building brand loyalty. However, it can be very tedious for marketers to sift through a large number of posts for the hashtag used by the participants. With the help of Wishpond, marketers can quickly select the posts that qualify with a specific hashtag so that they can get down to selecting the winners. Wishpond comes with a number of features that make organizing contests easy; these include voting features, custom code support, and real-time analytics. Apart from the contest functions, Wishpond has a number of other features that markets can use to improve their brand visibility and user engagement.


Given the momentum Instagram has gathered in the world of social media, marketers need to be very agile and smart to be able to drive their brands to a position where they can get the desired number of eyeballs, user engagement, and sales conversions. Even though Instagram itself has a limited number of tools, there is no dearth of tools developed by third-parties that can help them leverage their marketing efforts to an audience that is already more than 500 million strong and growing by leaps and bounds every passing day.

Evans walsh leads the digital marketing departmentof a leading chain of bookstores. He has achieved a lot of success in raising his company’s Instagram profile with help extended by instamacro, a well-known provider of digital marketing support.