Top Trends In Future Home Design

Home design has changed. Indeed, modern homes look nothing like places we used to live in. New technologies have revolutionized this market. There are new requirements to home that should not only look nice, but also be functional, i.e. meet needs of modern people.

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However, today, architects tend to use old materials and ideas. As known, the fashion trends come back every 10-15 years. This also concerns house design. Down the page are top trends in home design. Some of them are trends of the future, which means we can actually see them in 2-5 years from now.

Earth-Friendly Home Design

Oh, this is a hot trend. Some folks build houses in the forest, using only natural materials. There’s a guy who made a house underground and partially in the big tree. Don’t think we are going to live in a jungle forest. These houses are providing a comfortable environment for folks who live there. Yet, they are made of eco-friendly materials. If you call such a house primitive, well, you need to look at some examples. They are virtually stunning.

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Prefabricated Home Design

What’s the first thing you think of when hearing prefab homes? Probably you are thinking of a trailer park. Well, forget about these associations. These days, constructions made of glass and steel start a new trend in modular housing.

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Adaptive Reuse

Why build a new house if there are so many empty premises around? Architects are thrilled to use old abandoned churches or empty warehouses to build houses of the future. Re-use of old buildings is a hot trend. Besides, as a rule such homes become incredibly spacious and innovative.

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Healthy Trend in Home Design

Have you ever visited houses and apartments which made you sick. I mean, literally sick! That’s because of an extensive use of plastic, glues and laminate. Today’s architects try to avoid cheap artificial materials in their work. Of course, such property is more expensive. however, this is a hot trend in home design these days. I hope this trend does not die.

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Home Design Resistant to Elements

Modern homes should not only look nice, but also be able to withstand elements – hurricanes, snowstorms etc. So, use of sturdy materials is a must these days.

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A Flexible Home

Modern houses already have sliding doors, flexible and transformable furniture and other design elements that can be adjusted. In other words, it is possible to free some extra space in a few seconds, and turn your bedroom into a comfortable lounge. This trend will undoubtedly develop in future, so it’ll be interesting to watch modern solutions. As said above, modern homes are nothing like the old places you used to live in.

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More Outdoors

Yes, people finally understood there cannot be anything better than spending time outdoors. So, backyards and patios will be inevitable parts of modern homes, with pre-installed grills and patio kitchens. Even if this is an apartment, there is access to the roof or a huge balcony to host grilly parties.

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