Top 10 Web Design Freebies You’ll Love

Creating a superb website that delivers on client’s needs is every web designer’s dream. You want to create a website that is not only visually appealing but one that will also help the client achieve their business goals. This can be a daunting task for most designers but thanks to so many web design freebies available anyone can now make good use of their creativity to come up with a superior website.

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If you’re just starting out in web design or if you just don’t have the budget to buy premium web design resources, worry not as there are so many wonderful free design resources that you can take advantage of.

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The number of freebies available today can get somewhat overwhelming so if you want only the best you should definitely consider checking out Greedeals every now and then.

Greedeals offers outstanding web design freebies to designers, developers, freelancers, and agencies. All the design and development resources are carefully handpicked from well known and rated designers.

The resources available on the site carry a discount of between 50% – 100% of the original price. That’s quite a sweet deal!

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Today let’s take a quick look at some of the top best resources available on Greedeals absolutely free! These resources will give you the power to turn a boring website into a powerful visual that will attract amazing traffic for your clients.

Gym Icons Pack

To start us off on the list of design freebies by Greedeals is this free pack of icons great for the fitness industry clients running fitness sites. Forget your fitness photos you can now do more with your site using this gym icons pack. Icons are a fantastic way of adding some creativity to your website.

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Icons are especially perfect for making your site easier to navigate. Use icons to guide your fitness audience to important pieces of content.

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This pack will be great to grab the attention of gym enthusiasts. Besides adding appealing icons to your website you can also use the pack to design custom fitness t-shirts. You can also enhance your branding by using the icons to design business flyers, brochures and other advertisement campaign material that you can use both online and offline to market your fitness business.

Legal 2. Forms 4 Pack

Owning a website is very easy and most people ignore the legalities involved in owning and running an online business. Unlike the brick and mortar businesses, most online businesses are oblivious to the legal documents required to run the business.

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Another important area that is normally neglected when it comes to running an online business is security and privacy.

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The legal forms 4 pack will come in handy for any website owner. The pack comes with 4 most important legal documents that will keep your business protected and in line with the law.   The 4 free legal forms are:

  1. Website Development Agreement: This is a very important document for both the website owner and the developer. It’s important that you have a website development agreement that stipulates the work to be done before the work starts.This document will contain details that explain the relationship between the website owner and the developer. Other details will include the scope of services to be offered by the developer, time to be taken and the amount of money to be paid.

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Another important detail covered in the website development agreement is the ownership of intellectual property. It’s important to clarify who will own the site’s intellectual property to avoid wrangles in future.

  1. Terms of Use: This document is necessary for every online business. A Terms of Use stipulates the rules and conditions that your web users must agree to as long as they are using your site.

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The document outlines rules governing the creation and termination of accounts on your website, ownership of content added to your site, as well as restrictions on use. This agreement can be used anywhere your business operates. This can be on your website, blog and e-commerce shops.

  1. Privacy Policy: This document is almost similar to the Terms of Use document. The Privacy Policy is equally as important for any online business and website owner.

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This document lets the website users know about how you collect their personal information such as names, email addresses, payment details etc. and what you do with such information.

  1. Trademark Assignment Agreement: This document protects the content and works of the business owner published via the website. As the business owner, you decide to what extent others can use your content.

The document is also important if you want to buy a trademark. It will document the transfer of ownership of the trademark and also state the amount of money paid for the trademark.

Website Design Editable Icons Bundle

Editable icons are more web design freebies from Greedeals that you will absolutely love. This bundle will help you to enhance your website design. The icons have a high visual appeal that will attract more users, keep them interested in your content thus reducing your bounce rate.

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These icons will also make your content more readable as they are more creative and easier to understand compared to text. Use the icons to highlight the most important features of your site to make it easy for your web visitors to see them.

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Icons have a unique style that will grab your target audience’s attention driving more traffic to your website hence increasing your conversion rates giving you a chance to increase your bottom line as well.
The icons are available in .AI and .EPS formats. They are royalty-free and you can start using them immediately after download for personal and commercial purposes.

Coffee Shop PSD Template

Want more people to visit your cafe? Create an awesome website with the perfect Coffee Shop template. A good-looking, appealing and functional website will help you to stay relevant and beat the competition.

A good design is very vital to the success of any type of website. The Coffee Shop one page PSD Template is a beautiful template created to fully suit coffee lovers. The template has a fully responsive design and can be quickly and easily customized. The design of the Coffee Shop template is clean and very easy to navigate.

You certainly want a website that ranks high on search engines to make it easy for your target audience to find your business whenever they search on the internet. This template will help the ranking of your website as it’s very SEO-friendly.

Mascot Creation Kit

No matter the industry you’re trading in, competition will always be high. Coming up with new, unique and creative marketing campaigns are the only way for your business to get an edge. Custom mascots have become a major phenomenon that brands around the globe are now using to promote brands especially online.

A mascot, just like your company logo, is great and enhancing your branding as well as business exposure. People are visual creatures and will always be attracted to visuals more than text. Give your audience something that is visually stimulating such as a mascot to whet their curiosity about your brand.

With this free mascot creation kit, you can create a mascot that will help you to humanize your brand and get people excited about your business. People want to engage with other people and not businesses so giving your business a human side will definitely work wonders for you.

With this kit, you can make your mascot unique and instantly recognizable and associated with your company. Here think of the Twitter tweeting bird. You see that you think Twitter, always. Use your mascot as a chance to imprint your brand in the minds of your target audience.

The free mascot creation kit comes with 20 different poses as well as 100 accessories to make your mascot more unique and appealing. Use your mascot to build engagement with your audience especially on social media and mobile. Mascots are great of introducing humor and character to your brand especially on social enhancing relationships with people.

Corporate Email Template

With the continued popularity of social media platforms and so many businesses hugely focusing on social media, you may be forgiven to think that email is dead. However, this can’t be further from the truth.

A study by McKinsey and Company revealed that email is almost 40 more effective than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to converting audiences to customers. A lot of businesses are still using email is the main form of communication.

Email continues to be important to businesses because it not expensive and still brings high-quality traffic to your company website.

The success of an email will, however, not only depend on how it’s written bust also its visual appeal. This free corporate email template will come in handy if you want to boost your conversions.

The template is highly responsive and can be easily customized. It’s also compatible with MailChimp and CampaignMonitor to help you integrate your email campaign and email lists. You can use the template for both business and personal use.

57 Fractal Images

Having images that stand out will give your website a special appeal and will make your website stand out from the crowd by being different. This free bundle of 57 fractal images will help you spruce up your website images.  You can use the fractal images as your site background images, add them as captivating buttons on your site, and use them to add a call to actions to your campaigns, use them as hero images as well as to highlight sections of your site.

The images are ready to use and to can get started as soon as you download them.

Premium Background Bundle

This premium background bundle is currently available free on Greedeal. The bundle comes with 100 Grunge backgrounds. The backgrounds are sized at 2000 x 3000px and feature an extended license.

The 100 premium bundles are part of the 1600 massive background bundle. You will enjoy playing around with the backgrounds to find the perfect one that enhances your brand’s personality!

400 Premium Office Icons

This freebie contains 400 Premium Office icons created by Icons8. These unique icons are in SVG and PNG file formats. The PNG formats are in sizes 16px, 30px, 40px and 80px. They also feature an extended license, meaning that you can use them for personal use as well as for commercial projects.

Use these icons to make your website more exciting and appealing to your audience. The icons will get people interested in reading more of the content available on your site. This will give you a chance to hook them into your sales funnel and improve your conversion rate.

Amethyst Multipurpose PSD Template

If you’re looking for a clean template that will give your web visitors a seamless browsing experience, then you should definitely try out the Amethyst Responsive Multipurpose PSD Template.

This template has a modern design that is fully customizable. The design is pretty simple and comes with well-organized PSD files to make it easy for you to use it. This template is perfect for creatives, corporates, businesses, freelancers, and bloggers among others.

The template comes with a grid system that will make your website look sharper on all types of screens including mobile. The grid system is super easy to use. You can use the template for any type of project that requires a minimalist, modern and catchy site.

The template is very functional and comes with various sample page layouts such services, as about me, contact, and much more.

Greedeal is clearly a leader in providing web designers and businesses useful web design freebies that you can take advantage of to create an appealing website that is different from the rest.

Make maximum use of your website by ensuring that it captures your target audience. Let your web design do the work of getting the audience interested in your business and then close the deal by converting them to customers. The best part about this is that you can do all this for free!

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