Top WordPress Plugins to Boost Functionality Of Law Website Design

As a legal expert, you need a decent blog where people can read what you want to say. Blogging is also one of the most effective ways of marketing your business online. A blog that is rich in content is your ticket to success.

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If you are serious about owning a blog that will sell your legal skills to the general public, you need to consider wordpress, because it’s the best platform that people like you are using. There are many reasons why people use wordpress for their blogging needs. It’s free, user-friendly and is widely used by different professionals all across the world. Once you install wordpress, you’ll need some plugins to make your blog run efficiently.

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Plugins are mini-applications installed onto your wordpress site to make it even better. Because your main purpose is to showcase your skills, you need to make your wordpress simple to use, and efficient as well. Here are given the top wordpress plugins to boost the website design functionality effectively.

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Top WordPress Plugins to Boost website Functionality


1. Google XML Sitemaps

You need to get your blog out there for people to see it. If you are new, creating and marketing your blog is the most difficult part of the task. But you can use XML sitemaps that enable search engines to rank your blog easily. If you can’t be found, then your efforts are being wasted away.

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2. WordPress Database Backup

Imagine waking up one morning and finding out that your wordpress site disappeared with all the content you’ve worked hard to generate. How would you feel? It’s a loss you can’t bear with, and so you want to backup your blog so that you don’t incur such losses. Use WordPress Database Backup to shield you in the event that your site decides to go under. This backup runs automatically and sends copies of your blog to your email on a daily basis.

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3. WPtouch iPhone Theme

You might think this plugin is for iPhone users only, but it serves any other mobile browser as well. Because many people are now browsing using their mobile devices, you should install this plugin to make your site easier to access via mobile phone.

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4. WP Socialize

It’s the ultimate plugin when it comes to sharing your content to the general public. It provides numerous buttons for social sharing and is highly customizable. This plugin has a great share bar you can place at the side of your content for users to scroll your content upwards or downwards the easy way.

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5. Google Analytics

Visitor tracking plugins are very essential if you want to stay in touch with the stats. Knowing who visited your blog is very important as far as your success is concerned. Analytics will give you an idea of where your visitors are coming from and which content is attracting them. Then you can focus purely on that. To take advantage of Google analytics, just create an account and your wordpress site will be assigned with a unique ID. This ID is what you’ll need to put into the plugin settings of your wordpress admin area.

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6. WP-Insert

Your site must have the “legal pages” section, where you can write your terms, policies, disclaimers etc. They are the most boring pages of a website, but they mean a lot to a visitor. They show how serious you are with your website. WP-insert lets you set the pages you want to include the legal terms and it will automatically generate content containing the name of your site. It also gives you the ability to edit the content.

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7. Contact Form 7

How a visitor contacts you is very important. That’s the reason why you need a more flexible contact form plugin with advanced features that allow you to manage multiple contact form, and the ability to submit those forms without refreshing the page.

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8. Redirection

You may need to move your posts from one place to the other. May be you want to change a section or the URL of a specific page so that it becomes search engine-friendly. With this plugin, you will never encounter 404 errors again. That’s the difference between a blog that performs better and that which performs badly.

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9. WP Super Cache

People who surf the web have no time to waste especially on those pages that take time to load. The more time a page takes to load, the more likely that the potential visitor will click away.

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10. Akismet

About 90% of wordpress users take advantage of this plugin because it blocks spam. Your wordpress site needs the comment section, and turning it off won’t be ideal. In other words, Akismet gives you the ability to allow real comment at the same time discourage spam. You don’t want to waste too much time on your blog trying to eliminate invalid comments.

With this list of plugins available for lawyers to use on wordpress, they can get started the easy way. Take advantage of the mini applications available to get the most out of your wordpress blog.

Jason Smith is an online marketing strategist for Law Firm – Resultsyoudeserve He likes to blog about recent updates and tricks to boost business through digital marketing.