Trending Designs in Home Appliances and Kitchens

When choosing the design of the home appliances you’re about to place into your new kitchen you’re going to have two key choices you’ll have to make.

Firstly, you’re going to need to make sure each of your home appliances (from your cooker to your dishwasher, your microwave to your washing machine) all fit in with the design of your new kitchen. This is easily done with a brand such as AEG and a number of others that focus on sleek design as much as they do on creating great appliances. Secondly, you’re going to need to make sure the style of the appliances you choose fits in with what the current trends in the marketplace look like.

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Though the first point is most crucial, as the way in which certain appliances sit within the style of your kitchen is the only real factor affecting the look of your home, you should also take note of the second point as an on-trend kitchen will not only be more enjoyable to work in, it’ll also help to sell your home should you be looking to sell within the next three to four years.

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Take a look at the following trending designs in home appliances and kitchens to see if you can gain any inspiration from them for your own appliance style choices:

Contrasting Black and White Appliances

It’s certainly true to say that black and white never goes out of fashion. When deciding what colour appliances to place into your new kitchen, regardless of the colour of your kitchen, you can never go wrong with black and white. Check out top kitchen color schemes.

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When you stick to this rule for the design of your kitchen as a whole you’ll also be able to pretty much assure a good sale price of your house based on the quality of the kitchen alone. When purchasing a new home even if a potential buyer doesn’t love the black and white contrast theme, they know they’ll be able to live with it until they can get around to changing it, which is a big positive for you if you’re looking for a quick sale.

Farmhouse Chic

When it comes to farmhouse chic kitchen and appliance designs it’s possible to either go all in – designing your whole kitchen to look like it’s been taken directly out of a rural farmhouse, or you can simply bring elements of the farmhouse appeal, such as the style of farmhouse kitchen sinks, into your kitchen to compliment your appliances.

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In this situation you should match the colour of your sink with the colour of your appliances. Steel sinks should be compliment by steel appliances, white with white, and so on. From a practical standpoint these sinks are great if you have a big family, as they can hold significantly more dishes than a standard sink.

Destination Kitchens

Though a destination kitchen and the appliances within it aren’t a style within themselves, the very concept of destination kitchens as a style category has exploded over the last few years, with many home appliance designers and stylists trying to keep up with this trend in order to supply cookers, washing machines, and any other kitchen appliance that can fit seamlessly into these outlandish designs.

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Though this can cause stress on the side of appliance designers, it’s great news for consumers wishing to put a little of their personality into their kitchen for all the world to see.

Taking Advantage of Light and Shadow

The daily light and shadow effects in your kitchen are crucial to take into consideration both when designing your new kitchen in the first place and when choosing the colour of your home appliances to be place within the kitchen. Check out summer kitchen design tips to get an idea.

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The light your kitchen captures from the sun is a specific point you should think about, as you don’t want to install a kitchen appliance – a cooker for instance – only to find that the steel bodywork reflects the sunlight all around the kitchen.

In conclusion, when choosing the design of the home appliances you’re about to place into your new kitchen you’re going to have two key choices you’ll have to make; namely making sure their design matches the design of your new kitchen, and that their design is on trend.

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Cameo, one of the UK’s most reliable providers of kitchen equipment. Their product range features not only AEG appliances but also Franke sinks too.