5 Essentials for Having An Ultimate Man Cave Experience

Every guy wants a space to retreat to with the boys to watch the big game, host play night and enjoy some relaxation. We call this glorious place a man cave, and it’s about time you had one. Here are five essentials you’ll need for building the man cave of your manliest dreams.

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A Comfy Recliner

No man cave should be without a big, cozy recliner for those binge-watching sessions. How sophisticated you want it to be depends on your budget, but you can find recliners these days that do a lot more than recline. Available features include lower lumbar heat, foot rollers, zero gravity, and back massage. If you’re keeping the man cave simple, find a cushy La-Z-Boy, get one of those cup holder attachments for the arm, and call it a day.

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Clever Storage

There are so many ways you can go with this. You might need shelving to store DVDs or records to play when the guys come over. Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who has an abundance of guitars he wants to display, but also keep them out of the way. There’s a lot that you can do to keep your man cave organized.

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A Big TV

A man cave is just plain naked without a good TV. For all the times you’re going to host game-watching parties in your man cave, you’ll want a big TV with the latest high-definition technology. Depending on your man cave budget, you might also want to pair the TV with a killer sound system. You’re never going to regret investing in some high-quality speakers. They will really be a game changer for all your TV watching experiences.

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A Centerpiece

Your man cave needs a focal point that will also be a hit with the fellas, such as a pool table, jukebox, a foosball table or an old-school arcade video game. To save space, consider clever inventions like the flippable billiards-to-air hockey table.

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Whatever you choose, a centerpiece that doubles as a game, will always be a crowd pleaser.

The Finishing Touches

Choose a theme for your man cave and then look for small accents, knick-knacks, novelties and such that go with your theme. You might do sports, western, cars, super heroes, video games, log cabin, rock n’ roll — the possibilities are endless. For example, If you go with a game theme, try some foosball table coat hangers. You can make your own, or even purchase them online.

Superman has the Fortress of Solitude. Batman has the Bat Cave. Now, with these five essentials, you can have your man cave.