How to Use Google Drive to Help Organize Online Coupons?

Google Drive is arguably deemed as one of the best file synchronization and cloud storage programs accessible today.

The idea behind this program is straightforward: place your files in Google Drive, and as long as you have access to the Internet, you will be able to go through all your files from your computer, laptop, tablet, or your Smartphone. If you are an avid fan of online coupons, the Drive is the best option for properly organizing them.

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Organize Online Coupons


Easy Collaboration Tools and Easy to Use Service

While Google is not the first and only company to provide this type of service, it is the only one that stands out, because it offers seamless integration with its other services. Moreover, it comes with easy collaboration tools. Using Google Drive is not complicated at all, in truth; it is perhaps one of the simplest cloud services for beginners to use.

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The following is a guideline that provides a succinct introduction to navigate and use Google Drive interface, as well as a number of tips to assist you in getting the most out of this particular cloud service.

Register a Google Account

The first step is to register an account with Google, if you do not yet have one. It is completely free and it will provide an easy, synchronized admission to all Google services. To make things a lot easier, consider downloading Google Chrome, because there are several features and extensions that you can integrate with Drive.

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Download the App

As soon as you are signed up, you have a choice to download Drive as a Web app or a desktop app. Any of the aforementioned methods is able to work effortlessly and flawlessly with the organizing of your various online coupons. Nevertheless, you should think about downloading the desktop app if you need to access Google Docs without Internet access.

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Basic Navigation

Designers of Google have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that utilizing their services is effortless. Google services are very easy to use and you do not really need any guideline, but to make sure that you are up to speed, it does not hurt to learn the basics of Google Drive.

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To organize your online coupons, you need to click on the Create button. Once it is clicked, a drop-down menu will provide a few different options. You can choose a word document, a drawing, a spreadsheet, and a range of additional options provided by third-party companies. Thereafter, all you need to do is upload all your online coupons and organize them. If your device has the latest version of Firefox or Chrome, you can easily drag and drop the coupons into Drive.

A Great Personal Use

Google Drive is certainly ideal for personal use. However, what sets Drive apart from other services is its great collaboration tools. Google Document allows you to share your online coupons with your loved ones and go through them in real time. To do this, you simply need to click the “share” button, which is on the upper right-hand corner. You will be presented with a window that allows you to add the email addresses of the people you would like to share the online coupons with.

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Once your family or friends are granted access to your file, it will show under the “Shared with Me” tab and a link to share the online coupons from your Drive will be delivered to them via email. Using Google Drive is extremely easy, which is why it is the best cloud service to use when organizing your online coupons in alphabetical order, or by genres. If you find it somewhat complicated to use Drive, simply click on Help and you will come across more tips that are useful.