5 Wonderful Apps to Run Your Business Successfully

There’s a conundrum for you.

US creative types are often branded as haplessly hopeless when it comes to numbers and practicality. But 21st century technology now means we can be away the clouds and keep are business feet firmly on the ground. How? With apps.

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Apps are now key to driving forward most businesses; a recent study showed that 60% of SME businesses in America have incorporated mobile apps into their business services, whilst other recent surveys have shown that UK businesses are lagging behind, with 60% admitting that they could not see the relevance of mobile apps to their business. There are choices when it comes to making your business mobile: you can optimize your website to make it smartphone and or tablet friendly or you can choose to create an app. The latter is especially beneficial for marketing and engaging with your customers – of course if you feel that both are for you, then go for it.

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Not only do apps drive business, but they are increasingly becoming an integral to the operations of many businesses too – from marketing and finance to planning and networking, there are now a plethora of free and low cost apps for you to choose from for your business.


Bizzabois an app to help you navigate events effectively. Why would you need to do this? Because networking is now a key part of any business or freelancers workload, if you want people to invest in you and your product, you in turn need to invest time in keeping people interested and letting them know that you are there withsomething to offer. Bizzabo works by helping you to make the most of industry and networking events – rather than having those awkward conversations about the weather that quickly turn stale, you can use the app to scope out who is there and you can connect with them, the app also utilizes Linked In too; and is great for promoting events to.

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Things are going well and clients are telling friends of friends of friends about that great  must have designer (you) – couldn’t be better right? Only if you are keeping on top of your finances; if not then things can quickly get out of hand. Chances are that you’ll be self-employed or freelancing, and so keeping track of your finances (especially those pesky invoices) is important.

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It’s free to use, ideal for all business sizes, from freelancers to big companies. Amongst its many functions, you’ll be able to keep track of sales, invoices, as well as emailing quotes.


In the midst of all this talk about networking and accounting that designing itself is about inspiration and creativity, to keep both of these ticking over in your day to day life – using this app will come in good use. From importing images in your own library and the web, to its copy and paste functions, scope to organize multiple boards, high res image support and the capacity to share images Social Media – this app is a great way to experiment with new ideas on the go.

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You’ve got your meeting with perspective clients, but how do you ensure that you are showing off your portfolio at its very best? Flowboard is an app that enables you to create interesting stories and present ideas through digital presentations and the creation of side scrolling image based publications. You can also include videos in your Flowboard presentations, either by including the video directly or streaming the video from the internet. There are also new corrective functions which enable you to undo or redo recent actions, PDF files can be viewed and displayed within presentations and the app also updates itself and includes Sky Drive and Google Drive too.

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Autodesk Sketchbook

Got an idea but left your sketchbook, paints or design tools at home? Get yourself Autodesk Sketchbook Pro professional grade paint and drawing application designed for android devices. Its offers sketching tools enabling you to capture save and send anything from quick sketches to more detailed designs and elaborate pieces of art.

The software enables you to import images straight from yourdevice’s  Gallery, and comes with a colour wheel and the ability to customize colourswatches alongside easy navigation and zoom too.

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