Useful Tips to Decorate Your Home in a Lovely Vintage Style

Decorating your home in a vintage style is not only fun, but also quite easy. Each one of your rooms could be transformed rather inexpensively. What you need to invest a lot of, however, is imagination. Scan through various thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and even look in your grandma’s attic for various items that can be used for decorating.

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Tips to Decorate Your Home in a Lovely Vintage Style2

Decorating a Vintage Living Room

Calico prints and cabbage roses were a real ‘hit’ during the 1930’s and 40’s. Even if you are quite reluctant to papering the entire living room with cabbage roses, you can still upholster just a chair or a couple of cushions in this design. During the aforementioned period, really popular were also the head vases, lace doilies and various knick knacks.

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In case there is a fireplace in the living room, you can add some vintage fire andirons, bellows, hand wrought tools, etc. Putting some vintage, framed photos on the mantlepiece is also a nice touch.

vintage style home design

Decorating a Vintage Styled Bedroom

Every bedroom needs a dresser, right? So why not make this part of the interior a vintage one, and it will surely give the place a whole new look. For example, a simple white old dresser will do just fine. On the mirror, you can stick some vintage post cards you can grab from any antique store at a low price. Just a couple of small things can make a big difference in the room.

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The bedding set can also contribute to a vintage look. Choose the linens wisely – eiderdown comforters, quills, afghans will without a doubt take your bedroom back in time. Other suggestions include an antique doll and cradle as well as family portraits and floral prints on the wall.

vintage style bedroom

Turning the Kitchen Vintage

Definitely the most fun of vintage ferryhill decorating and self storage. Still, if you want genuine vintage items, you will need to shop from antique stores or buy off of eBay. A hoosier cabinet and an old school kitchen table are sure to take you down memory lane. As for the various smaller items that are to serve as decorations, look for some of the following: blue willow china, blue speckled enamelware, salt glazed pottery. Often, there are white and red or blue enamel pots as well as canister sets.

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Also, try to find vintage kitchen ‘tools’ – egg beaters, pepper and salt shakers, tin breadboxes, vintage mixers, etc. As for the walls, you can hang various objects some of which could be used, while others serve for nothing more than decoration – old tin signs, plates, aprons, etc. As a matter of fact, the tin signs are a nice addition to each room. Not only are they relatively easy to find, but they are also quite attractive – Coca Cola and Route 66 are one of the most popular ones.


Vintage Ideas For the Bathroom

You can give a vintage look even to your bathroom . This can be done with a mustache cups collection or some shaving mugs with a razor stop and brushes. Tin signs and vintage prints are an appropriate choice for the bathroom walls as well.

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Tips to Decorate Your Home in a Lovely Vintage Style

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