30+ Ideas of Using Designer Bean Bags for Trendy Homes 2015

Decorating a home can be exciting but it is important to remember to do both the inside and the outside if you want to do a really good job. There are lots of different ways to furnish a home, but if you want to make it look fresh and modern, then you will need to think outside of the box, in terms of what furniture you choose to use. It’s easy to create a really funky, trendy look by adding bean bags to a room and they can work well either with regular furniture or as a replacement. So let’s see how you can use Designer Bean Bags for Trendy Home Decor in 2015!

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Using Bean Bags Indoors

When you picture a living room, you see big comfortable sofas and nice armchairs, and it’s easy to think that is all that needs to be included to create a cosy seating area. However, you can add a few bean bags to give the room a fun and relaxed feel, and they come in all kinds of styles including:

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  1. Similar to an armchair with a back rest and arms
  2. Complete with a foot rest to make it more comfortable
  3. In an ottoman style that is flat and round


You can also buy them in a set, so that you can create an entire area made up from bags or you can simply add one or two for additional seating choices. A designer bean bag will work well in a bedroom as well as a living area, and it can sit next to a bed, at a window where you might want to read or facing the television, so you don’t always have to lie in bed to watch TV in the bedroom.

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A conservatory is another great room indoors that looks great with the addition of some relaxing bean bags, as this is a room that is designed for unwinding. You can buy additional cushions to make them even more comfortable and they can be placed on the seat or around your back to help you to lounge in complete relaxation.

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Decorating a Garden with Bean Bags

After you have completed the inside furnishings, you can then move onto the outside areas. You can use bean bags to decorate different outdoor areas, and here are some of the most popular:

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  • Around a swimming pool
  • In a garden
  • Close to a pond
  • In a BBQ area

Lounging outside is a great way to relax and unwind, and many people choose to use bean bags rather than a regular sun lounger to give their garden a unique appearance. You can even add bean bags that are designed for pets to sleep on and these can be kept inside or outside.

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Children, as well as adults, love to relax on bean bags making them perfect to use if you are hosting a garden party. Designer bean bags have a superior look and feel to them, and they are far better than a regular child’s bag, which is why they work really well in a modern home or garden.