Using The Printer Creatively – 8 Fun Projects You Can Enjoy With Your Kids

The computer and the printer may be associated with the office place, but there is no reason they cannot be used for fun at home. There are ways to use the equipment to have fun with the kids, and they can offer a great way to enhance your indoor activities for those long winter days. So often today, many activities tend to be costly and it helps to have something you can enjoy without spending much money. Following are some great ideas to have fun projects with your kids.

1. Making Calendars

This great activity appeals to children of all ages. Even adults enjoy creating calendars where they can use their favorite images or photos. Everyone can choose their favorite images, either family photos or other images available online, and use them to design their personal calendar or calendar page. Many online templates can help in creating the calendar and you can print the finished work on good quality paper and bind the sheets together to create a functional calendar.

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2. Coloring Projects

Younger kids love coloring projects and you can search the Internet for pages that have the projects that are suitable for any age group. By printing different pages, you can keep the kids occupied for a long time. You can also involve the kids in selecting the images so that they can have a sense of ownership. You can show them how to make cards or add text to their finished work.

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3. Designing Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking is a project that appeals to both older children and adults. Many people enjoy creating scrapbooks that can be used to tell a story about different events. This is a hobby that can be a time consuming process and it is an activity that can continue over a long time. There are scrapbooking template pages online using different photo editing programs. After choosing your favorite templates, different images and borders can be used to enhance the work.

4. Creating 3D Models

Older children can enjoy creating 3D models of their favorite characters. You can find a wide range of images and use the printer to print different parts of the models, which can then be used in creating the finished 3D models. Look for good quality paper that will withstand the folding and gluing that is necessary for creating the models.

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5. Origami Patterns

Just like with the 3D models, origami is suitable for older children. This is a fun project that can result in many home decorating accessories. Look online for different origami patterns and print them out. The patterns can be simple or challenging to suit different skills levels. The patterns come with written or folding instructions that are very helpful for beginners.

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6. Homemade Stickers

You can show your kids how to design and make their own stickers using label sheets. Select your favorite images, or create images of your own, and design the stickers. Kids will enjoy seeing images they have drawn or created printed on the stickers.

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7. Make Paper Dolls

You can simply help your child to draw the outline of a doll or person, and scan the image. You can also use the computer to create the outline and allow the child to add features to the outline. The child can select his or her favorite colors and patterns to add to the image and for the clothes. The process can be as simple or complex as you want it to be depending on the age of the child.

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8. Book Writing

You can have fun with your kids by writing a story together. Encourage all the kids to come up with a character and you can all work together to come up with a fun story. Think of different adventures that all the characters can participate in and allow all the kids to develop their characters the way they like. If your kids are old enough to type the story, allow them to do it and then add images and print out your book.

There are other ways to use the printer to come up with different fun activities. You can print playing cards that you can enjoy with the older kids, or design and make masks that the younger kids will enjoy wearing. You can find age-appropriate activities that all your children will enjoy without spending too much money.

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