UX/UI Design Considerations for Mobile App Development in 2016

UI/UX design plays a vital part in the success of today’s mobile applications. While the UI (User Interface) design of an app helps users interact with the app in a seamless manner, the UX (User Experience) design is crucial for leaving a positive impression on your users’ mind.

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Though UI and UX are not the same things, but both these concepts go hand in hand in building a winning solution. Both of them helps achieve one common goal: creating a sustainable brand influence on your audience’s mind.

UX UI Design Considerations for Mobile App Development 2016

In this article, I’ll reveal some of the most important considerations you must take into account when creating UX and UI designs, so as to develop a successful mobile app model.

Important Considerations For Creating Effective UI Design

Create an Obvious and Intuitive Navigation

Make sure that your app navigation should be clear and intuitive, so that users don’t have to waste time in figuring out how to operate the app. Besides, as users are becoming increasingly impatient, apparently they’ll delete an app immediately after opening it – if they find the app hard to understand.

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However, keeping the navigation clear will help users understand the flow of the app, helping them move from one section to another in a smooth manner. You can consider adding onboarding screens in your app to demonstrate what the app does.

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For example, Timely Alarm Clock app help users know what will happen on tapping any particular post on the screen. Basically, the app helps users understand each gesture and its desired outcome.

Present Your Content in An Optimized Manner

Content is one of the most essential components that help convey your brand message to your target audience. But, merely presenting content in your app model won’t prove beneficial for you. Remember, it is also important to showcase your app content in an optimized manner.

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For instance, in the case you have an e-commerce app, you can’t just showcase your products to convince your target audience in making a purchase decision. But, adding compelling product description which includes clear (and high-resolution) images will indeed encourage visitors to make a purchase via your app.

Maintain Consistency Throughout the Interface

One biggest reason behind the increase in user retention rate is the inability to maintain consistency in your mobile application interface design, which ultimately deploys unsatisfactory user experience. Of course, you wouldn’t want to confuse your users in using your app, as it can scare them away.

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For instance, making your app users navigate from your homepage to an inner page with different styling or different ways of user interactions can irritate users. Bear in mind, the more simplified your app UI will be, the greater will be your chances to retain your users in the app.

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In order to maintain consistency in user interface design, each UI element must be styled and designed in a consistent manner. This means that the elements (like the color scheme, background images, font, etc.) should behave the same. For example, the HONE app – built for the fitness community – is designed with a consistent visual language that provides users with a better understanding of how the app will work.

Creating A Usable UI

No matter how good your app user interface design might look or function, it will still fail if it can’t add value to users. Your app users must feel comfortable in using your product and should be able to get things done quickly. To accomplish such a goal, you must focus on making the design elements of your app clearly visible.

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Well, we often choose to hide menu options in a bid to make the app interface look clutter-free. However, at times, the hidden options might be useful in helping users reach a particular location. But, you cannot figure out the exact needs of your users. This is where A/B testing comes in handy.

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Just create different variations of your app placing design elements, and then run A/B tests on it. Doing so, will help figure out which variation your users will love. Not to mention, creating your final app model using the variant (that gets maximum votes from users) will likely succeed. For example, the team at RunKeeper performed A/B tests to track the rise in the number of non-running events by their users. 

Important Considerations For Creating Effective UX Design

 Make App Login a Breeze

Users don’t bother wasting their time in getting through a complex login page. Also, avoid forcing your app users into filling unnecessary details, or else they might uninstall your app. In essence, make sure to make the login page of your app as simple as possible.

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Remember, the more user-friendly your login process will be, the more satisfactory your user experience will be. Secondly, make sure to shorten the login process by adding only relevant and necessary fields, such as name, contact info, etc.

Boost Engagement With Animation

While it’s true that animation can increase the load time of an app, but you can’t deny the fact that without any animation effect a mobile app might look dull to users. A viable alternative is to include a few animations in the app UI design – something that deploys a real-world experience to app users. This will help keep your users engaged with your app model in the long run.

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Moreover, adding animations helps make an app interactive which helps render an enhanced user experience.

Maintain Clarity in Your App Design

Aside from providing value to app users, you should also make sure that the user can understand that value. Simply put, users must be clear how your product is going to benefit them. But, if they remain unclear about your app, you won’t be able to increase your customer base.

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Essentially, clarity in your app model is crucial for convincing users to take some desired action. For instance, let’s say you plan on offering “free trials” to first-time app users. But, what if your user cannot understand how they can opt for a free trial of your product. You can avoid such a situation by adding some labels in your app interface.

The key to enhancing UX is to make your app design as clear as possible, which helps the user quickly find out what they can expect from your product and so on.

Wrapping Up…

How your app’s UI/UX design is created plays a crucial role in determining its success. Especially, with millions of app out there, focusing on improving your app interface design and delivering an excellent user experience will surely help you stand apart from the competition.

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