Virtual Graffiti Photo Booth; Useful Technology with Amazing Features

AIR Graffiti is definitely going to be the next big thing at all types of events. This amazing product can entertain the crowd for hours and the best part is that anyone can work with it. It allows people of all ages to show their artistic skills and create masterpieces by using a digital spray can and some user-friendly software. One part of AIR Graffiti is the so called virtual graffiti photo booth which is just one of the many features that the AIR Graffiti package comes with.

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air graffiti

Users of the virtual graffiti photo booth will first have their picture taken and then they’ll be allowed to customize it in anyway then want. The picture can be either taken against a white background in order to allow them to create a custom background or it can be taken against a green screen which will allow them to choose and add one of thousands of pre-made backgrounds.

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One of the best things about AIR Graffiti and the virtual graffiti photo booth is that their capabilities are limitless. As long as your imagination is working at its best, you can come up with new interesting ways to customize your photos and turn them into masterpieces. Once you have your picture taken, you can grab the special spray can and use it to edit your picture in any way you can think of. The unique spray cans work with infrared light and with a simple push of just one button you can draw lines, shapes and brush strokes in different colors and sizes. You can also take advantage of many pre-made stencils and stamps to enhance the appearance of your pictures. One of the best things is that all your work is captured on webcam, so later you can watch the footage of you working with the spray can. You can also print your picture or directly upload it to a wide range of social media networks.

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This piece of technology has countless of features, but I’ll mention the most important ones and tell you something about them:

Video Creation

The users can take up to 60 pictures and combine them in a video which can be edited according to their requirements. For example, they can add a wide range of backgrounds, effects, color filters, etc.

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digital video

AIR Graffiti

This is undisputedly the most popular and most widely used feature. It allows the user to use a special spray can in order to create virtual graffiti. The best thing about AIR Graffiti is that all creations can be quickly edited, printed and shared via social media.

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digital spray

Caricature Creation

By using special image filters, liquefy and blur effects and many other extras, the user can turn any picture into a funny caricature. The best thing about creating caricatures is that the user only uses his finer, so he doesn’t need any extra equipment.

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Recording The Work Process

The user can take video footage of all his work and take a look at it later. This may not sound like much, but you’ll certainly find it interesting to watch yourself do art via a piece of modern technology.

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video creation

Integrated Social Media Buttons

The user can share his work via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many other social media network websites.

A Wide Range of Stencils, Stamps, Brushes, Patterns and Backgrounds

Even the less artistic users can do miracles with the virtual graffiti photo booth, because they can take advantage of thousands of pre-made graphics.

virtual stamps

Usable By Anyone

This unique innovation attracts the interest of both youngsters and adults. Anyone can use it and you can be sure that even the youngest children will be amazed by the things they create with it.