Want to Buy a Designer Watch? Have a Look at Effective Tips

Watch has always been a favorite accessory among the women of the world – whether you are wearing a long black gown for a party or a casual tee and denim for a picnic, a designer watch will make you look even more chic. In fact wearing an elegant watch with a formal office wear or a funky sport watch while going for a walk is one of the most happening outfit ideas among the women in the past years. But you know what, buying a designer watch is not a very easy deal.

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To tell you the truth I was not very fond of wearing watches since my cell phone keeps me well updated with the time; but last week I just felt like buying one, getting influenced by a spectacular exhibition, shown on the TV. You won’t believe I got so perplexed after reaching the shop – there are so many colors, shapes, types and style to choose from! I was just wandering being clueless about where to start and what exactly to look for, when the kind lady, the store manager came to save me. Anyway, following her guidance, I could finally pick up the dream watch of mine and now have thought of sharing those valuable tips with you as well; here are the secrets.

1- Choose a Reputed Brand

Though you will find a varied range of cheap watches from not so known brands, I would recommend opting for those belonging to the reputed brands and are a bit expensive. Though initially it may seem to be a huge investment, remember that this is a long term investment and the price tag and the brand ensures the longevity and the durability.

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2- Think about the Purpose You are Purchasing It for

While choosing the watch, keep in mind the purpose you are purchasing it for. If you are planning to get more than one, then I would suggest that you choose a really stylish one, something like a diamond studded one; and keep the other as simple as possible so that you can pair it up with everyday wear. Make sure that it fits in with whatever you wear and can be worn out in a different range of occasions.

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3- Watch Size Matters a Lot

Watch sizing can be tricky at times; so make sure that you are choosing a size that perfectly meets your needs. Before buying the watch, ensure that it perfectly fits you and you are prepared for it to shrink or expand a little due to different weather conditions.

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4- It Must Reflect Your True Style not Your Friend’s

It is important to be true to your style. Please don’t get influenced by something that your best friend has bought, even if she has requested you to buy the same. Remember that what suits her may not look perfect on you; so make sure that you know your style quite well and abide by that while choosing the watch.

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5- Watch Style and Shape

Consider factors like whether you would prefer a square, round or a rectangular dial; do you like a steel belt or a leather belt suits our personality better; would you like to have a watch with all the numbers present in the dial or only with the hands.

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Though initially it might seem to be a bit hectic and time consuming, trust me, these are the factors that ultimately matters at the end of the day.