Want to Tailor Your Web Design to Target Your Audience? Follow These Tips

Your website’s design is what makes it different from all the other websites on the Internet. However, did you know that you can tailor your web design in order to target your audience? This is highly recommended if you want to be successful, because it is more likely that a user will regularly visit your website if your design style suits his likenesses. Before you start changing your web design, you must find out your target audience. Don’t worry, because we’ll help you do this and hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have some fresh ideas about your website’s design and how to change it according to your visitors!

1- Do You Know What Type of People Visit Your Website the Most?

Creating a web design that targets your audience is a complex process which requires a lot of time and patience. Every aspect of the design must be fine tuned in order to achieve the desired effect, but before doing this, you must understand who visits your website and why. A good place to start exploring your audience is Google Analytics. This handy tool is used by webmasters around the entire world and thanks to its statistics and graphs you can easily spot the things that your audience likes on your website.

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An even easier and more accurate way to find what your visitors like is to directly ask them. If you are running a blog, then make a blog post asking your visitors what they like and dislike about your website. Wait for their feedback and then think about which changes you are going to implement in your website.

2- Think about the Layout; Is It Clean or Messy with Annoying Ads?

You have probably noticed that there are some websites which you just don’t like to visit, because of their poor design or large number of advertisements. There isn’t an internet user who enjoys advertisements and you should keep that in mind while thinking how to make money from your blog. Most of the blogs which I have visited and labeled as “unsuccessful” mainly disappointed me with their poor layout and annoying advertisements.

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It is true that you need money to pay for your blog’s hosting and domain, but is it really worth loosing many of your readers, because of 10-15$ a month? If you are absolutely sure that you can’t run your blog without advertisements, then at least track the popularity of each ad and only leave the ones that generate the most revenue.

3- Typography; Important Design Aspect You Must Not Overlook

Typography was underestimated until 5-6 years ago. Back then, most people didn’t pay much attention to the spacing, font and other details used, but nowadays typography is an important aspect of any website. Meaningless how well your blog posts are written if they aren’t properly formatted and displayed, then it is very likely that your readers will leave you forever.

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Nowadays, webmasters pay a lot of attention to fonts, font spacing and all typography related details. If you think that changing the font of your posts won’t do much then try playing with the font-size and line-spacing. In a matter of seconds you can significantly improve your website’s appearance thanks to a few font tweaks. Using a unique typeface can further enhance your website’s design, so don’t hesitate to invest some money. And if you don’t want to spend money on a custom typeface, you can take advantage of the typefaces offered for free by Google Fonts.

4- Proper Formatting

Readers love well-formatted blog posts. Take this post for example – you don’t have to read everything to find out what I’m talking about. Thanks to the nifty <h1>to <h6> tags you can quickly scroll down and check which topics I’ve covered. Remember this when writing your blog posts, because readers love to be able to quickly find the information they need.

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5- Work on Your Home Page

The home page is what leaves a first impression in the reader. If your home page is well-formatted and all information is easily accessible, then it is very likely that a first-time visitor will come back later. Looking good is important for websites, but a user-friendly interface is even more important. Don’t overload your home page with too much information and links, but make sure that you don’t miss any vital details.

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A good way to find out if your home page is good enough is to use Google Analytics. Check the statistics for your home page – if the bounce or exit rate is too high, then you probably should work on your home page’s layout.

6- Interact with Your Readers by Responding to Comments and Questions

Regularly updating your blog is your number one priority, but don’t forget to check the comment section as well. Readers love to comment the blogger’s content and to ask different questions. Answering them and interacting with them often will certainly increase their interest in your blog.
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However, don’t spend too much time in the comment section, because you will surely meet spammers and haters. Dealing with spammers is easy – just use different plugins or implement Captcha in your comments. As for the haters, just don’t go down on their level, because this will certainly make you look bad in front of your readers.

7- Maintain a Balance between Text and Graphics in Your Posts

In some cases it is a good idea to freshen up your content by adding graphics. However, don’t overdo it, because too much images for a small amount of text may take the focus out of your content. It is OK to use more images for longer posts and depending on the type of your blog you may need to use more than one for shorter posts.

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8- Don’t Forget to Embed Social Media

Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have become a very big thing and you can use their popularity as your advantage. Embedding social media in your website will not only make your content easier to reach, but it will also make it easier to share. Don’t hesitate to try out different social media plugins in order to find the one that suits your website the most.

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9- Make Your Website More Responsive to Get More Response from Digital World

Nowadays, people use many different devices to access the Internet. The days when we only used PCs and laptops are over and many of your visitors probably read your blogs through their smartphone or tablet. Use Google Analytics to track these details and find out if you need to specifically optimize your website for mobile devices. A responsive layout will allow your readers to visit you at anytime, from anywhere.

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Final Words

Creating the perfect design for your website won’t happen in a few days. This is a long process that requires a lot of time and patience, but you can be sure that the final results will significantly increase your popularity among your readers. The few advices above are just some of the things you can do to improve your website’s design. Don’t hesitate to look for more information if you want to really please your readers.

Besides following web design trends to get targeted audience if you are interested in building free websites you can go for online website builders like WIX and IM creator etc to create quality website within few minutes without wasting your time in learning designing and coding skills.