10 Ways to Create a Child-Friendly Garden

Summer is here and we don’t doubt you want to put your garden to good use. If you’ve got kids, making sure that your garden is child-friendly is not only important, but also hugely beneficial to you as a family. Your garden should be a place you can all enjoy, and a place you needn’t worry about your kids playing in.

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From health and safety to all-around family fun, Rutland County Garden Furniture talks about how to create a child-friendly garden, turning your space into a safe haven for all the family.


The smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of lawnmowers are commonly associated with the summer season, and rightly so. Getting your grass in check is one of the first things household owners want to do when summer hits. Not only does it make your garden look neat and fresh, it also brings attention to any nasties you’ll need to get rid of before letting your kids run around in their bare feet.

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Another option to consider is opting for artificial grass. This eradicates the need to be wary of what’s in that grass and the need to regularly mow your lawn – a job that can take up a lot of your day when you get round to it. Artificial grass stays perfect all year round, and avoids the problems of soggy grass and mud (meaning less grass stained clothes in the laundry basket…).


Looking at installing or updating your fencing is something that all families should consider for a child-friendly garden. Before purchasing anything, you should have a real think about what you’re looking at to ensure you get something that is high quality, and something that suits your garden and your requirements.

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There are lots of options out there, but you will want to consider security and safety, as well as practicality. Well-placed and high-quality fences will prevent children wandering off into places they shouldn’t go, offering you peace of mind when they’re out playing in the garden.

Plants and Flowers

Filling your garden with plants and flowers is one thing for its beauty, but it also encourages a curiosity for nature within children. The shapes, the colours and the textures will entice them in, making them want to look closer and learn more about nature and its wildlife.

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However, with this curiosity comes a risk. Be aware of any dangerous plants or flowers in your garden that could cause harm to your child. Some popular choices, like Lily of the Valley or Yew, for example, are actually poisonous and can severely irritate the skin. There are plenty of flowers out there that are equally beautiful and that your kids will love.

How about planting a sunflower with your child so they can enjoy watching it grow over time?

Trees and Shrubbery

What you might see as a perfectly normal garden feature, your children might see as the perfect play area or hiding spot. Never underestimate the imagination of your kids, and never underestimate the amount of fun a simple tree or bush can provide them.

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If you have a sturdy tree in your back garden, think about making a type or rope swing. It’s so easy to do and super fun for your kids. Or what about using it to make a summer den for the kids? All it takes is the right spot and a little bit of DIY, and you’ve got hours of entertainment for your children right there (and probably you adults too!).


Quality garden furniture is great for creating a charming family space outside. It promotes your garden as a space to hang out; a place to sit around, play games, eat alfresco, or just generally enjoy the beautiful outdoors when the weather is good.

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With such a diverse range of garden furniture out there, you can choose something that suits you, your family and your garden perfectly. Consider style, colour and practicality when shopping around to ensure you’re getting something that’s right for you. Picnic benches are a fabulous choice when you have children for example, and they’re so great for the summer season. You can even get your hands on junior-sized picnic benches to make your kids feel extra special.


If you have decking in your garden or if you are looking at getting some decking, make sure that it’s an anti-slip design.  When the sun is out and the temperatures are high, there’s nothing stopping you from getting the paddling pool out, but that can be risky with energetic children wanting to run around too. Anti-slip decking will provide you with the peace of mind that there will be no nasty accidents.

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Garden Shed

Keep all your garden tools shut away when they’re not in use, away from the grasp of your children or their friends. By locking away your shovels, garden forks, and lawnmower, you will help to keep your garden a danger-free zone. We’ve already mentioned that there’s just no limit when it comes to children’s imagination, and the last thing you want is for them to think that sharp garden rake is some sort of toy.

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A garden shed can store all of your tools in and be locked so your tools are kept secure. Make your shed known as a ‘no-go zone’ for your children and tell them of the dangers to deter their curious minds.

Garden Games

One way to create the perfect family garden is to have garden games. It’s a fab way to bring the family together, and it’s ideal for get-togethers with friends and other family members too. From Giant Jenga to garden badminton, garden games are the perfect accompaniment to a summer BBQ or a beautiful day outside in the garden.

Play Equipment

If you have a family home, keeping your children in mind when designing the garden and organising its layout is important. It’s important both for their safety and also your convenience – you should feel like you are able to have them off your hands for a while without worry. Having decent play equipment in your garden is one way to do just that.

From a small sandbox to a trampoline, you can create your own children’s play area in your garden to keep them entertained and occupied on sunny days. It’s a nice idea to have a particular area of the garden that’s made for the children to enjoy and to do their own thing, so the adults can have their own area dedicated to relaxing or entertaining guests.

Take Your Time

Our most important piece of advice would be to take your time. Your perfect garden won’t happen overnight – it’s something that will develop over time. You’ll come across items and ideas that you want to add, and get bored of certain aspects too.

All that’s important is that you make it a safe place for the whole family, and make it an enjoyable space for everyone too.