10 Ways to Decorate a Home with Candles

Candles are mostly considered as a source of illumination, but still make for an important part of home decor. They add to a mystic ambiance to any room. Here are 10 tips on a home decor with candles to get you started:

Multi-Color Candles

Multi-colored candles are a great way to decorate a guests’ bathroom. You can also place them in a big bowl with flower petals to add some flair. Use stencils to create artwork on colored candles in order to create beautiful designs. Try adding some glass beads and other embellishments after completing the artwork.

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Use Scented Candles on a Dining Space

Soya candles have a natural scent due to essential oils. You can use scented candles to scent your bedroom or bathroom space. Cinnamon and apple flavors have a pleasant aroma. Avoid lighting up scented candles during lunch or dinner time.

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For Coffee Tables

Candles are a great way to decorate coffee tables. You can match and mix the candles with little flower pots, hardcover books to end up setting a perfect coffee table.

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Fireplace Decor

Decorate a fireplace in a creative way with the help of some pillar candles. This will not only light up a fireplace but will also make it look beautiful at the same time.

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Bedroom Decoration

Candles add a romantic feeling in bedrooms. You can place them on side tables or windowsill for creating a nightly warm glow. They add to whimsy and old-age appeal to even the most modern and contemporary rooms.

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Hang on Walls or Door

Be creative and use DIY candle holders to place in any part of your home. You can also fill them with tea light candles to create new candle holders for home decoration.

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Placing candles in the patio helps get rid of flying bugs to enjoy the evening. Use your creative skills to decorate the candles in a fun way. You can also choose lanterns with tea lights.

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Foyer is one of the main parts of a home. Candles are one of the best way to decorate a foyer. You can always use other accessories for further decoration.

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Bathroom Decoration

Place a few soya candles in bathroom to create a beautiful scent. This will also enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

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Lounge Space

Place two-three candles in a holder to decorate your lounge space. This will give it a romantic and unique look while scenting the environment.

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Muneeza is an avid lifestyle blogger. She likes to tip readers about the different home decoration ways and specifically suggests using soya candles uk over paraffin wax candles.