6 Ways to Design An Easy Clean Kitchen

Kitchens are the ultimate room where function must come before design, but that doesn’t stop designers from making kitchens that look striking but are very difficult to clean. A kitchen that looks great but is hard to clean won’t look good for long. Here are some tips you can use when you design your kitchen to make it easy to clean.

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Avoid Tiles

Whether they are on your back splash, your counters, or your floor, tiles aren’t easy to clean. Grout lines are magnets for anything that gets between them. If you must use small tiles, use an epoxy grout to make cleaning between all those lines easier. If floor tiles are a must, choose wide tiles with very thin grout lines. But better to avoid tiling in your kitchen.

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Keep the Triangle

A key principle in any kitchen is to make it easy to move between the fridge, the stove, and the sink in a triangle. Most movement of dirty things moves along that pathway. By making it easy to move between these, you reduce the chances of spilling something. Make sure there’s also enough room at each point of the triangle to do what needs to be done. A too-tight triangle will make cooking uncomfortable.

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Seal Your Floors Right

The dirtiest spot in a kitchen is the crease between the floor and the wall. If you can curl up this edge, you’ll keep your kitchen much cleaner. As a bonus, it will also provide some water protection for the under flooring. That little curl can mean the difference between a day of toweling the floor and calling a water extraction and removal company.

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The flatter, the better. Every nook and cranny on your doors is just one more place for dirt to collect. Baked-on finishes are easiest to clean. Paint is also easy to clean, but it will show dirt faster. Avoid stained cabinets. They are the most difficult to clean and once they start looking dirty they’ve got more dirt on them than you think. Also, use contact paper or cabinet inserts to make cleaning the shelves easier. Cabinets should also have good pulls and open easily so greasy fingers don’t have to touch the finish. It’s easier to clean a metal pull.

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The Sink

Finally, it’s time to look at the sink. Without a doubt, having an integrated or sunk sink in your cabinet makes it easier to clean your counter. You can sweep everything from the counter into the sink. A raised sink creates a line around it that traps dirt well. If you keep your sink level lower than the surrounding counter, you get another bonus. You can put in an integrated dish drain that rolls water right into the sink. Water under a dish drain can damage a counter and make the room smell funny.

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Clutter Control

The easier it is to put things away, the more organized your kitchen can be. Make sure you have enough cabinet space to put everything away and that you can put your most-used items in spaces where you don’t have to reach high or bend down. If a space is hard to reach, then you’ll use it less and clean it less.

If you keep these tips in mind, your next kitchen won’t just be beautiful, but also much easier to clean and maintain.

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