12 Ways to Scent Your Home Naturally

Everyone loves a clean and fresh-smelling home. We usually think of air freshener to scent up a home, but fortunately there are plenty of natural ways to make your home smell great. The good house scent feels cleaner and affects positively on our moods. It is also a source of calming our nerves. Studies conducted by National Institute of Health suggest aromatherapy to help in reducing stress for cancer patients. If you are looking to scent your home naturally without the use of regular chemicals and toxins, check out the 12 natural ways mentioned below:

Essential Oils On Pine Cones

Add a few drops of organic essential oils such as cinnamon and lavender to pine cones gathered from your yard. Arrange them in a basket and put inside a room. Move around from one room to another if need be. Only adding one to two drops will do the job.

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DIY Natural Room Scents

You can also customize the preferred scents to make every room in a home, smell the way you want. You can use different essential oils and mix natural ingredients to create DIY natural room scents.

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Use Oranges and Cinnamon in Water

Simmer water in a pot and add orange slices with a few tablespoons of cinnamon sticks. Turn off the heat and let the pot on the stove cool off. It will emanate a delicious scent throughout your kitchen and in the other house rooms.

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Smudge Stick

A lot of people use Smudging rituals for cleaning air. Smudge sticks are made of dried herbs and is a perfect way to bring out the smell of outdoors inside. Use herbs such as Sage, Mint and Thyme for a smudge stick.

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Use Organic Oil Room Spray

Instead of chemical air fresheners, you can use an organic essential oil room spray. Just add 3 to 4 drops of your favorite essential oil to a cup of water and start spraying it around. You can not only scent the air but also spray it on your pillows, couch and comforter.

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Coffee Candle

Coffee Candle is an incredible way to make a room smell lovely. Just put coffee beans inside a bowl with a tea light. It will add to the lovely fragrance inside a room. You can also use soya candles which burn without smoke and add fragrance to surroundings.

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Jelly Air Freshener

Jelly air fresheners are also another way to scent up a room. They are made with natural ingredients such as water, essential oil, gelatin and salt. These toxin-free air fresheners also have a healthy effect on breathing.

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Potpourri is an old classic way to add gorgeous smell to you home. Scent up potpourri with diffusers for a sensational effect. Potpourri also makes for a perfect gift.

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Deodorize Carpets

Carpets and rugs add beauty to home. However, they also absorb unwanted odor. To counter a bad smell, you can mix ingredients such as essential oils, baking soda and spice in a bowl. Leave it for 20 minutes and vacuum for a refreshing effect.

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Reed diffuser

Reed diffusers and natural incense are a wonderful way to add fragrance to your room. There are a number of reed diffuser recipes available which will help you to scent your home in a natural way.



Dip each end of Q-tip with essential oils. Place it in your washroom or kitchen to make for a nice and space-efficient air freshener. You can use more than one Q-tip for a strong scent.



Flowers such as orchids, peace lilies and palm trees are an incredible way to freshen up a room. They will purify the room’s air while beautifying it at the same time.


Muneeza is a blogger at ThePerfumedWorkshop. She recommends natural fragrance such as natural incense uk, essential oils, reed diffusers and organic perfumes to scent the home’s internal environment.