Web Application Testing Tips and Tools for Beginners

Web testing application is a process should be done by software testers before the application is revealed to the public, it’s something that needs be taken seriously. Load testing is to guarantee the highest quality of the web application , its security , its accessibility for handicapped or normal users , and to avoid issues such us bottlenecks when the web app goes live .. In this article we are going to give Web Application Testing Tips and Tools for beginner testers before and while testing any application to do this process in a perfect way and get a good base to be a professional tester in the future.

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^ First of all you should learn how to analyse your test , and don’t ignore the test result, if it is “fall”, work on finding the solution of the problem , you will prove that your core competency not just in log bugs “errors” , but in giving the right solutions.

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^ Every time you test any application try to maximize the test coverage , you ensure that by breaking the web application into smaller functional modules and if you can break these modules into smaller parts .

^ You should make in consideration that the test have to be planned during the design phase of the web application to block the potential problems to be inherent in the design of the app and save the re-work time, because the complexity of the web app architecture keeps increasing , so analyse your test cases thoroughly.

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^ You write test cases for valid and invalid conditions, this will cover the expected and unexpected behaviour of the application under test.

^ Identify your test cases, to get an easy, quick and effective manual regression testing.

^ You should test the performance of your web application, create test data manually then write some basic scripts to create test data for performance test or ask developers to write one for you. In case of mobile apps, see if t has all mobile app features required and expected by mobile users today.

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^ Always note down the new terms you learn from testing , that’s going to be useful for you in the preparation of the final test report .

^ You can make changes in the code base for the application under test, sometimes this will be required to avoid execution of live transaction processing, just make sure that you have removed all these changes from the final file resources which will be given to the client.

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^ As a tester you should not force developers to release the web application for testing because the basic unit testing of developing application should be enough for them to release it for testing and both of you can estimate the testing time accordingly .

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^ You have to work on the test environment by yourself to make sure that you won’t forget to mention any system or application configuration changes detected by the test when you deploy it .

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^ It’s better for you as a tester to participate or being involved in a software requirement and design phase, in this case you will get all information and knowledge about the web application, and make sure that you will share the best test results , and make conversations with developers to know more the web app.

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^ Make a plan for your work and take your time to prioritize the testing tasks from high to low , that’s going to help you do your work with a high quality, in a perfect way and in the right time, and this what makes the client and the users of the application satisfied .

  • Your report should be clear, accurate and describe well the bugs “errors “
  • You do better if you don’t provide just the bugs symptoms but also the effects of the bugs and all possible solutions….

Now let’s talk a little bit about your web application testing tools that you should gather and I’ll make sure to give you the best ones, also some open source web application testing tools that you can depend on in your work and most of them are available in the BackTrack suite of tools.

Web Application Performance Tool (WAPT)

WAPT is used to test web applications and web related interfaces, it is useful to check for bottleneck and performance leakage in the website or web application being tested, it inclines to simulate virtual users which will repeat either recorded URLs or specified URL, and make users know how many iterations had by those virtual users to repeat the recorded URLs. WAPT should be able to conduct tests for:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Operating System compatibility
  • Windows application compatibility where required

Verifaya Studio

It provides a script-free test automation tool , in which you can validate your test cases using a range of debugging features : breakpoint, step over, step-into, and watch window for viewing variables runtime values, whether recording object-based actions or working directly in the instruction set , there is no need for programming knowledge and test cases are script free.

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Web Security Testing

It tells us if Web based application requirements are met when they are subjected to malicious input data, and this is some of its plugins for Firefox: Firebug, Greasemonkey, User Agent Switcher, FoxyProxy Standard, iMacros for Firefox , QuickJave …

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And this is some of open source web testing tools : Apache Jmeter , Curl-loader, Selenium , Watir …

Finally, I have to say that this is a huge interesting topic to talk about , and an article of few pages will not give you a complete knowledge about it , it’s a creative and challenging work, and it depends on how you handle this challenge, you will always learn more and get more experienced , so just keep in touch with this awesome work until you get an expert tester.

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