10 Latest Web Design Trends for 2017

The web industry is expanding with each passing day and going through an evolution which keeps it inspiring up-to-date. 2017 is going to be the year when you will come across a lot of amazing and up-to-date website designs. These design trends are sure to shape and influence the web design domain. For marketers, who are looking forward to shaping their business in a positive way, following these trends will definitely act as helping hand. Let’s check out how these trends are going to benefit businesses making them really strong by leaving a lasting impression on the users.

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Remodeled design-to-development workflows

A well-tested and implemented workflow not only improves productivity but also saves time and money by keeping the focus on designing a new software. Using the right tools you can manage and automate the development process by tracking communication, managing responsibilities and so on. The best way you can do is by turning to Agile project methodology that allows web development team to be more flexible in making changes to the process over time. The process makes it clear how the task is executed. In short, workflow should be applied with proper attention, detailing and adaptability for the overall benefit of business success.

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Adaptive design

The website usage patterns are constantly changing and ignoring them could lead to downfall in today’s market. Every next visitor on the web uses a mobile device and websites that do not have an adaptive design results into an unpleasant user experience and eventually loose visitors. Adopting a mobile first approach ensures that you have a maximum audience base and reach more of your target audience. This means you need to be focused on content and performance which offer advantage of features like mobility, touch screen, GPS and so on that desktops are not able to offer.

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Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG’s or scalable vector graphics present web developers with a wide array of benefits over traditional image formats like JPG, PNG and GIF. They are resolution-independent and are composed of vectors that are clear in format. They look great on any screen or device type so there is no need to make things retina-ready. 

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Micro-interactions in a web design offer control and fun as far as user experience is concerned. 2017 is the year when micro-interactions paired with minimalism are going to be the secret of an engaging web design that will take advantage of user’s short attention spans for delivering great user experiences.

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The overall user experience is improved by making the user interface less robotic and more human. In short, the design becomes enjoyable and usable. They fine-tune human centered-web design by guiding the user and offering them control which, in turn, adds confidence to further usability. 

Use of brand-focused illustrations

Illustrative web design is also an impactful way to expose a brand similar. It combines elements that heighten the tone of a brand to boost recognition. Being able to get a strong recognition in this crowded marketplace turns out to be the main drivers of business success. Brand-themed illustrations play an important role to help websites stand out from the competition and deliver a recognizable brand.

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Landing pages need attention in detail

2017 is definitely gonna see rise in the landing page design instead of home pages. With the rise in content marketing, businesses are shifting their focus and looking forward to directing traffic to dedicated landing pages for targeting visitors as per their business needs.

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Content marketing is gaining grounds amongst marketers and the idea here is to maximize conversions. Therefore, requiring customers to land directly on pages made for them makes sense. These pages need to be designed keeping the visitors in mind to grab maximum number of visits.

Wearables influencing the web design

Wearables are no longer a patent of Google or Apple, as there are so many firms that have entered the field of wearable technology. Although the technology is at its stage of infancy, it is expected to see a stage of upsurge in the web design space as well. Wearables strictly focus on interactivity and are generally presented on small screens.

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Using wearables, you will be able to provide readable content. Similarly, minimalistic design is next great thing you will get with wearables. The use of wearables will offer content top priority and reduce the clutter of other elements when displayed on wearables.

UI patterns and framework

UI and UX patterns offer a look that is functional and similar across the web. A lot of common UI design patterns have evolved due to the emergence of responsive design. A few of them are Hamburger menu, Long scroll, Card Layouts, Hero Images and so on. These patterns are aimed at solving common design problems by focusing on user navigation, usability and so on.

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Typography is taking a central position in web design by involving use of simple typefaces, custom typeface, artistic fonts and so on. Big fonts in typography is one such trend that seems to get just better and better. By involving interesting typefaces in web design, designers are looking forward to adding flair that creates visual interest. 


2017 expects to view bright, bold colors and gradients making a comeback. However, this should be implemented only by keeping the target audience in mind. The results will boil down to the way they respond to the usage of these colors. For a revitalizing user experience, you need to check out some interesting color schemes being used by eCommerce sites. 

Wrapping Up

So, this is our short list of 2017 web design trends to watch out for. We hope you got something latest in web design patterns you were not actually aware of.

No matter how interesting these designing trends but you always need to act intelligently and implement designs that improve experience for your users.

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