Web Development Using Django; Quick Web Design with Time Saving Framework

Web development using Django is really quite simple. Before we go into the reasons why this is so, let us take a short look at the history of Django and how it came about.

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Django originated a couple of years ago when two programmers at the Lawrence Journal World newspaper started using Python for building applications. These two journalists were used to working on a fast deadline and so developed a framework that would save time. They worked on this web developed framework for about 2 years and Django was released in July 2005. 7 years down the line, Django is being used by several thousands of people the world over. Now let us explain why it is so easy to use Django for web development.

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Django is easy to use mainly because it was developed by concentrating on problems faced by actual developers themselves. These are problems that developers continue to face, even now on a daily basis. The people responsible for maintaining Django ensure that it continues to be a time saving framework that allows people to produce applications smoothly and without any hassles. So how exactly does Django help you in web development? Read on to find out more.

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The most important point to remember is that Django comes with several tools that help a web developer to create a website in hardly anytime at all. Further, there is also a page called Django Resources. This page has links to other websites and several third party applications which can be set up by using Django. Also, because Django was developed in a newsroom which of course was fast paced, it has been designed to make web development easy.

Main Features of Django for Fast Web Design

Given below are the main features of Django which help to make it an excellent Web developing framework:

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  • It has automatically generated administrative features
  • The syndication framework makes it simple to create Atom and RSS feeds.
  • Django also comes with a caching framework which combines with backends such as memcached among others.
  • Django has an elegant design for URLs. There are no framework specific limitations with Django unlike other web developed frameworks. This gives you flexibility while designing URLs.
  • Django supports multi language applications. This means you can provide hooks for language specific functionality. You can specify translation strings as well.
  • Django lets you focus on automating and dealing with the fun part of web development.
  • Django comes with an object relational mapper. This will help you to describe the database in Python.
  • It has an easy to use template whereby you can separate Python code and design code.

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Web development can be exciting and fun however it can also be tedious. Django scores over other web development frameworks because it allows you to enjoy yourself while developing a website. It has many shortcuts which will let you override frequent programming tasks. It will also show you solutions on how to solve problems that may crop up along the way. The surprising element of Django is that it will help you with web development but also let you stay outside of the framework as far as required.
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