Website Design 101 – A Brief Overview

Web developers and web designers are constantly attempting to improve their web presence among the competitors and get ranked higher by the search engines. Apart from the content itself, which is, as we already know, the key to a better page rank and position in the Google search results, the website design is also an important part that should be well considered. Most experts advise creating a SEO friendly design that can determine the major search engines to crawl every single word or link included on the website in question at a faster pace.

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Google and other major search engines ignore the graphics, Flash files and other non-text files displayed on your website, so you have to place the words and other phrases that can be seen by your visitors in the HTML of the respective pages. Check out Simple HTML and CSS guide here:

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There are 4 primary tips you can take as example:

1. Supplement your search box with crawlable and navigation links.

2. Accompany your videos and audio content with a transcript if you want it to be crawled by the search engines.

3. Assign “alt” attributes to the JPG, PNG or GIF images in HTML, so you can offer the search engines a proper text description.

4. Lastly, supplement the Java plugin contained and Flash content with text on the pages where they appear.

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Bear in mind that building audience and increasing your web presence is not about what visitors see, but about what the search engines see. As a web developer, it might be actually complicated for you to do so, but you can make use of a few online tools which will help you see exactly the way your website and its pages are perceived by the major search engines. If you have created a SEO-friendly design, you should be able to see the links of your menu bar and all the other content you included on your website without any graphics or fixed layout. If you cannot see it, then the search engines cannot either.

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Using the Google cache function might help you in this regard, because it helps you see your website exactly like the search engines do. Based on the final result, you should be able to decide whether your website has a SEO-friendly design or not and what kind of changes you should make in this regard.

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In addition, you should consider including descriptive texts in HTML with the proper keywords used. Given that search engines will crawl all the content you include on your website, other web surfers may easily find it among the search results if it is somehow related to their queries, so you can easily increase the chances of making your web presence more observable. SEO analysts from Dubai say it is all about tactic and content is the most precious part of your website – the more content you have, the better page rank you will have in the end. Plus, this is a good way to create an excellent balance between the visual and text content – where there is non-text content, you will manage to supplement it with proper text in HTML, which will be then crawled by search engines and indexed.