Wedding Photography Tips You Should Keep In Mind


There is nothing more disastrous than having a wedding album with lots of photos only to find out that you missed photographing the couple with grandad. This kind of error occurs too often and the only way to prevent it is to ensure that you have a list of photos you’re going to take and stick to your plan, or improve on it. Here are very important wedding photography suggestions you shouldn’t miss.

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Wedding-Photography Tips

Where to Start?

In order to deliver the complete wedding experience you need to begin your shot from the point where the couple is getting ready for the day. Take photographs of the bride’s dress on the bed post or hanging on the wardrobe. You should also capture the bride and bridesmaid when they are doing their hair, getting dressed and putting on makeup. You should continue your small details shooting by taking photographs of clothing, shoes and garters. Take pictures of parents helping out the bride and the groom getting ready with his father and friends.

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Don’t Forget Emotional Shots

Emotional shots should never be forgotten therefore you should take as many as possible with both the bride and groom and their parents. Take a photo of the bride checking herself in the mirror and the groom and groomsmen wearing their bowties and boutonnieres. Have a photo of the groom listening to words of advice from the dad and intimate shots of both the groom and bride hugging their parents before the ceremony. Take separate photos of both the groom and bride getting ready go on their way to the ceremony. Your wedding photos at the ceremony must begin as early as capturing the guests as they enter. You should also capture the ushers directing the guests to their seats. Take a photo of the groom waiting to receive the groomsmen and bridesmaid walking down the aisle.

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Wide Shots are Important

You should also do the same thing for the ring bearer and flower girls and also for the grandparents, bride and groom honor attendant and the bride and groom’s parents. Once they are stood at the altar, you should begin your altar shots in earnest as these are some of the most important shots of all. Take shots of the wedding party at the altar and also of the bride and groom when they arrive at the altar, exchange vows and rings, kiss and leave the altar. Wide shots are important so take a picture of the altar or canopy during the ceremony to get a crowd feel. Take pictures of bride and groom during hugging and laughing time of the ceremony and as they move into the limo backseat to leave.

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Reception Shots with Friends & Family

Next is the reception  so you should be prepared to take more shots involving the bride and groom. Take pictures of them together, with their parents, friends and grandparents. Then take pictures of both of them with all their friends, parents, entire immediate family and with everyone else. You should also take shots of bride and groom with the bridesmaids, groomsmen and the whole wedding party.

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Small Details Shots

At the reception start your shot from outside to cover the entire party area and capture guests as they arrive. Take important small detail photos like centerpieces, champagne glasses, decorations, table settings, guest book, place cards and other things of that nature. Don’t forget to capture the band or dj while they do their thing and take photos of the cutting of the cake .Capturing the bride and grooms first dance is also important.

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