What is Disappointing about Apple iPhone 5S?

Apple iPhone 5S has been announced a few days ago (along with iPhone 5C, a cheaper version). However, this is probably a disappointing iPhone update so far, according to many people.

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If you remember, 2 years ago, iPhone 4S was a little bit better than iPhone 4 and it featured a few minor updates, but the excitement over iPhone 5S is not the same. Probably the best innovation is the fingerprint sensor, which adds up a little bit more extra security for people who don’t use passcodes. (However, until you test the phone on your own you will not be able to tell whether or not this innovation is worthy. Putting the passcode might be a bit faster, but as time goes, we will see)

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Apple iPhone 5S

Most of the iPhone 5 owners are not really thrilled about the new device and in the next few lines we will tell 5 disappointing reasons.

1. No Change in Screen Size

One of the things that Apple should keep in mind in future is to enlarge the screen. On the other hand, people don’t want to see Phablet, but something like the Galaxy S4 would be great. Apple iPhone 5S has the same screen dimensions as the iPhone 5, which is just one of the main reasons that people don’t like 5S that much.

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2. Faster Processor, More Power Consumption

In the early days of desktop computing, people were chasing faster processors, then stopped caring because at some point they got enough faster. This is how many people feel about smartphones.

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If you have watched the presentation of Apple, then probably you have noticed that Phil Schiller spent lots of time talking about the new chip – A7. The interesting thing about is it is 64 bit architecture, more than 1 billion transistors. The benefits are not that much as a matter of fact. Faster processor will help with some apps and games, but it will consume more power.

3. No Battery Life Extension

And speaking of processor and consumption – the battery live hasn’t been improved. The battery life should have been better and 5S doesn’t have one. Yes, Apple managed to deliver more or less the same video, internet, talk and standby time, but there is no overall improvement.

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4. No 128GB Space

So far, there hasn’t been such option for iPhone. The 128GB model is something that will be really successful. Most users carry large libraries of games, movies, music, apps and 64GB is something not enough. On the other hand, most Android phones have microSD slot and you can expand your memory.

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5. Fingerprint Reader in Apple iPhone 5S; The Only Innovation

There is no point that Apple’s fingerprint reader is the thing that will gain lots of attention in these days. The feature is really innovative, especially when you know that this is the first hardware change on iPhone since lots of years.

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The iPhone, however, still feels small. Maybe this is Apple’s policy and this is how things are going to go on from now on, but aren’t most people waiting for Apple to surprise us again?

Apple iPhone 5S has everything that people were expecting – faster processor, slightly improved camera…and that’s it. Now it’s your turn to test the new iPhone 5S from Apple and see do you really feel what is discussed above?