5 Attributes of WordPress Business Themes for Your Business Website

WordPress is by no match the most common CMS (Content Management System) used so far, with over 60 Million websites running on it, and the number keeps growing every day. The amazing aspect of this CMS is its simplicity in use, and irrespective of being so simple, it has so many capabilities and features, which makes it the preferred choice for most developers and beginners alike.

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This platform gives developers and beginners an option of using pre-developed templates that they can adopt, and with little customization, easily build creative and complete websites. Considering the flexibility, appeal and the great features that these business WordPress templates have, no wonder they stand out as the preferred option, over other business development platforms and themes.

These attributes of these themes include:

Ease of Development

These templates come with built in page builders, which the developer can use to develop and customize their website pages with much ease, by using drag-drop user interface. These simple builders allow even the novice developer to develop creative webpages without needing to have advanced skills in web development and code standard languages like html, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, etc.

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User Support

The template builders always give links to reach them for any feedback and support issues that you may need assistance with. With premium business templates, the developers are available to assist in redesign, problem solving and any other support you need at any time as a small fee, paid once when purchasing the premium template.

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In addition, as an open source CMS, WordPress is being used by many developers, and there are many online forums that you can access to exchange ideas and even customize or add more features to the template.

SEO Compatibility

Most free and all premium WordPress templates usually come bundled with plugins and tool options that help you in optimizing your website for search engine ranking. This compatibility makes it easy to run a high ranking website, built on a simple template with much ease. The templates themselves are well developed and optimized to give you optimization, even without much development being needed.

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For novices, these plugins guide you to enhance the optimizations, and by following simple guidelines and mouse clicks, they are able to slowly learn basic website optimizations.

Browser Compatibilities

The template builders are highly skilled and seasoned web developers, who have been in the online industry for years. This is a huge deal, as these builders know the various standards, platforms, browsers and operating systems that are being used by the various online users. As such, when developing these templates, they factor in these aspects, and build templates that are compatible with such platforms as well as the browsers.

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For more usability, these templates are customized to be responsive for mobile use, which makes websites built on these templates usable to both computer and mobile users, irrespective of the browsers they use.


Most of these WordPress business themes come bundled with additional plugins, some optional and others must have plugins that give you added features to your website. These plugins are very helpful, as they make it easy to carry out tasks or enable features that would otherwise be impossible to develop if you were to build them yourselves.

Easy Website Administration

Once your website is set up, you can access it from anywhere, and the same goes for your administration page. You only need to type in your website url and the wp-admin (your-website-url/wp-admin) to call the administration page, and then log in.

Once you find your best template, the process of setting up is as easy as the click of a button, and the process will self-automate with little input from.

So, go ahead, enjoy the experience.

Bhushan Kumar is an experienced web developer with a lot of experience working with viral WordPress themes. He works with Samaven International; a web development company in India offering services to individuals and companies across the globe.