WordPress or Blogger – 8 Factors to Consider before Choosing One for Your Blog

Are you about to setup a content-rich website? If yes, then choosing the right content publishing platform is a critical decision that needs to be taken only after proper planning and discussions. With WordPress and Blogger being considered as two of the hottest content publishing platforms, it is obvious to get confused between choosing one out of the two. Continue to stay on this post as I’ll be making you familiar with key points of differences between WordPress and Blogger. Hope by the end of this post, you’ll be able to decide as to which among the two would suit your website needs to the fullest.

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WordPress vs Blogger


Well, when it comes to ownership, Blogger is a popular blogging service provided by Google and hence in a way you ‘rent’ your website to Google. So, Blogger would be maintaining and controlling your website. Unlike this, in case of WordPress, you actually ‘own’ your website and are hence free to look after its data, security and other vital features.

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Visual Appearance

While Blogger comes with a limited set of default templates, you aren’t offered the flexibility of creating your own web layouts or performing extensive alterations. On the contrary, WordPress has an entire world of free and premium theme which can render the much-needed professional look and feel to your website. Irrespective of the message that you intend to convey via your site, there is a WordPress theme that will help you do the same conveniently.

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Storage Space

With Blogger, you get 1GB of free space along with an option of connecting Blogger with your Google+ account in order to request for more storage space. On the other hand, talking about storage space available with WordPress. Well, you’ll be required to avail a web hosting services wherein you’ll need to pay a hosting fee on a per month basis. This hosting fee would include both, the domain booking as well as unlimited space.

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Plugin Support

With no plugins, Blogger just comprises of some simple gadgets. In contrast to this, WordPress is loaded with hundreds and thousands of plugins which offer you a handy option of adding a particular feature or functionality into your WordPress website.

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Websites running on Blogger include integration with Google AdSense and hence you’ll be able to monetize your site using Google ads. In comparison to this, WordPress allows you to monetize your website by running banner advertisements, affiliate links or just about anything else.

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While Blogger comes with an updated dashboard design wherein you need to enable JavaScript for using all the features; WordPress dashboard is utmost simple-to-use, enabling users to post a new entry in a hassle-free way.

Mobile Access to Website

Only the help pages of Blogger can be accessed via a smartphone along with the ability of publishing post via sending MMS or SMS. Unlike Blogger, WordPress web pages can be easily accessed using a mobile device by visiting m.wordpress.com.

Image Storage

Everytime you upload a photo to Blogger, the same gets stored in Google photo system called Picasa. Since the total storage space available with Blogger is 1GN, you can go ahead with storing multiple images. Unlike the case of Blogger, WordPress comes with 3GB of storage space and you can anytime make a payment for upgrading this storage space to suit your specific needs.


So, those were only few of the visible differences between Blogger and WordPress. I recommend choosing one out of Blogger and WordPress only after analyzing your needs and expectations pertaining to the website. This decision of yours will mark the success or failure of your web portal. Hence, decide only after a detailed study of these two widely used content publishing platforms.

Samuel Dawson has long term experience in the development of various web development projects. He also do blogging and content writing. He is responsible for convincing clients on how they can Convert PSD to WordPress with ultimate themes etc.