Working Tips to Fix Common Problems of Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is difficult to maintain unless you know some useful tips and tricks that can help you maintain the good condition of your wooden furniture for longer. The following article contains some valuable tips and methods ton how to properly maintain wooden furniture and how to treat some common problems you can have with your contemporary furniture or modern furniture as well.

1- Vanishing Eye-Soaring Burn Marks

Burn marks are one of the most common problems with wooden furniture. If you put exposed flame next to wood, it will quickly burn the wood and change the wood’s color. Thankfully, there are some things you can try to get rid of the annoying burn marks. If the burn mark has only affected the finish, then you should put a small piece of steel in a woolen wrap. Use this to gently rub the burn mark. You’ll notice that it slowly fades away and when it stops improving, polish and wax the treated area. If the flame has created blisters in the area, then use a knife, and gently scrape the burn mark in order to remove the burned wood. Afterwards use a piece of steel wool to smooth the area, brush it to remove the dust. Finally, polish and wax the area.

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remove furniture burn marks

Keep in mind that the wood must be treated very gently. If you make a mistake and scrape deep into the surface, then you’ll need to follow these steps to build up the cavity. Find a very small and thin artist’s brush. Use it to apply shellac or varnish in the cavity. Don’t rush the process, because you can make the situation even worse. Slowly add layer by layer until the area seems even. Afterwards you’ll need a piece of steel wool that you’ll dip into paste wax. Gently rub the area until it becomes smooth. Finally apply polish and wax.

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2- Cleaning Wood According to Manufacturer’s Guide

This isn’t a very difficult job and most people are familiar with the steps they have to follow while cleaning wood. Still, here are some valuable tips on how to make cleaning more efficient and quick. Keep in mind that each type of wood needs different treatment, so it is best to read the manufacturer’s guide.

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  • Dust carefully and often – the best piece of cleaning equipment is soft cloth. The cleaning motions should follow the wood’s grain pattern. Dusting at least one week is recommended, because you’ll remove the nearly invisible abrasive particles that can harm the surface.
  • If you want to achieve the best results, then you should consider using a mixture of non-alkaline soap and water. The mixture is best applied with a sponge. Always check if the new cleaning solution damages the wood’s finish. When you are done cleaning, use a soft cloth to quickly dry the area.
  • Waxing is important if you want to extend the lifespan of the wood and preserve the furniture’s good condition for longer.
  • Not all types of furniture should be waxed. For example, urethane-finished furniture needs different treatment. Take a look at the manufacturer’s manual for details.

Don’t forget to look into the manufacturer’s guide before applying these methods particularly if you are going to do it with your modern sofa or bed etc.

3- Dealing with Dents on Wooden Furniture

Dents are another nasty problem that is very common for most types of wooden furniture. Dents are formed when the wood’s fibers are heavily compressed. Thankfully, there are some easy techniques that can help you fix those nasty dents.

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remove furniture dents

The first thing you should do is to remove the finish from the dented area. Afterwards, use a needle to prick little holes in order to let moisture into the wooden fibers. Next place a small piece of wet cloth over the dented area and a metal cap over it in order to protect the surrounding areas. For the next step you’ll need a device that emits a lot of heat. The best thing to use is an iron. Turn on the iron and put it right on top of the metal cap and hold it there until it warms the cap and the cloth beneath it. The water will evaporate in steam which will suck into the wooden fibers. The wood will quickly swell and restore its previous shape. Polish and wax the area.

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4- Handling Heirlooms

These are pieces of antique furniture that is usually very heavy and durable. These antiques deserve special attention in order to extend their lifespan. This type of furniture should be put behind curtains in order to avoid direct contact with sunlight. They shouldn’t be situated close to radiators, fireplaces or others things that emit heat. The best humidity for this type of furniture is between 25-35%, so it is recommended to use an air humidifier.

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heirloom furniture care

If you are putting something heavy or sharp on the wood, use a pad in order to avoid minor damage the wooden surface. Alcohol, polish removers and solvents should be kept away from this type of furniture, because they can easily damage the finish and the wood. If you want to maintain the wood’s finish, then you should contact with the manufacturer for more specific advice.

5- Getting Rid of Scratches

Scratches are another common problem and unfortunately they are tricky to remove. The methods described below can help in certain situations, but the positive results aren’t guaranteed. Also, remember to test the method on an inconspicuous area in order to avoid unwanted damage.

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fix wood-scratches

Depending on the type of wood, you should apply a different treatment. Scratches on stain and dark wood should be treated with a shoe polish which matches the finish’s color. You can also use a crayon to fill the scratch.

Cherry – fill the scratch with a red-colored shoe polish that matches the lightest shade of the wood. You can also use an artist’s brush to carefully apply darkened iodine.

Light wood – use a natural shoe polish to fill the scratches. Dilute darkened iodine in 50% alcohol and apply the mixture to the scratch.

6- Removing Watermarks

Watermarks aren’t easy to remove, but don’t lose hope. If the watermark has a whitish color, then it is very possible that you’ll be able to repair it quickly. Keep in mind that if the watermark has a darker color, then you’ll need to refinish the area.

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remove furniture dents

remove watermark from wood

  • Find some denatured alcohol and apply it to a piece of cloth. Use the damped cloth to rub the spot.
  • Find some camphorated oil and apply it to a piece of cloth. Use it to rub the spot
  • Find some turpentine and apply it to a piece of cloth. Once again, use it rub the spot.

If the above methods fail, there are still some things you can try. Buy toothpaste with “extra brighteners”. Put some of it on the spot and use a cloth pad to gently rub the area. The rubbing motions should follow the grain’s direction. If the method works, you’ll notice that the stain becomes lighter and slowly fades away.

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Sprinkle a little salt on the watermark. Damp some cloth with mineral or lemon oil and rub the spot. If the watermark fades away, then repeat the process, but this time use vinegar and salt.

If everything else fails, mix some lemon or mineral oil with rottenstone until your make a soft paste. Rub the paste onto the watermark and rub it with a soft cloth until it fades away. Keep in mind that this treatment may do some minor damage to the wood, but you will easily fix it by waxing and polishing.