Yahoo Aviate Launcher: Organize Your Phone to Navigate without a Fuss

Annoyed by how everytime you have to go to the third screen of your Smartphone to access the app you operate ten times a day? Then Yahoo Aviate launcher Android app is just the thing you need. Aviate launcher makes your Smartphone smarter, logically organizes all your favorite apps, and helps you to connect with your homescreen effortlessly.

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The aviate launcher, unlike traditional and static homescreens, learns from your habits and deliver you a better experience by logically arranging different applications, widgets, and all the relevant information you need throughout the day.

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Yahoo, with the motive of simplifying and streamlining user’s daily habits through this smart app has taken a step ahead to make our lives better and faster by gaining expertise and knowledge on something that predicts our daily activities. Aviate launcher after toiling about with a limited Beta release has finally come for the Android and is now available for all users. Since, aviate is now acquired by Yahoo, it has gone through some upgradation and enhancements to give users a completely unique experience from its previous versions.

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At-a-Glance Access to Your Homescreen

The aviate Launcher app for Android lets you rejuvenate the look of your home screen and app drawer, allowing you to get the information you need in the simpler and convenient form. Installing a launcher is as simple as downloading anything from the Google play store, and then you need to provide confirmation that you’ll always use the new launcher instead of the previous one.

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Further, the app automatically updates itself based on your needs. Truly, it’s one of those apps that adapts your habits and synchronize your life, the way you want it. In addition to this, the app also provides swipe access to turn on the alarm clock, weather widget, calendar, and daily news. That’s not the end, users can easily hook up with they talk frequently on their phone simply swiping upward from the home screen.

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Aviate’s home screen also has two rows for all your favorite apps at the bottom from where it analyses which app you use frequently. Moreover, you can add or delete the app as per your choice. Plus, you can change its white and black background as per your color choice.

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What’s More You Can Do with the Launcher

  • Simple and Beautiful Navigation: With the launcher, you can easily spruce up the appearance of your home screen by integrating easy-to-navigate options to make your every interaction better and faster.
  • Amazing Adaptability: The launcher has the ability to display different apps based on your frequency of usage and time.
  • Keep Everything Organized: The app automatically categorizes all your favorite apps on a particular themed collections such as Home, office, morning routines etc., based on their functions, features, and usage they give to the user. Plus, you can also set alarms and put your phone on do-not-disturb mode.
  • App Recommendations: Get instant app recommendations based on what you’ve installed and the latest ratings on the Google play store.
  • Tracker of Your Daily Habits: Aviate launcher keeps a firm track on your day-to-day activities. Such as, it shows you how long you’ve slept, gives you an effective access to all the apps you need to get your job done efficiently like one-tap calling to conference calls, emails regarding meetings and much more. Plus, while on the go, it informs you about traffic conditions and directs you throughout your way.

Wrapping Up

The beauty of Android app launcher is that you can enhance the appearance of your phone without having design it for yourself. It could give you the apps you need at any point of time. By replacing the boring content of your home screen, and occasionally the app drawer, it gives new features and enhanced functionalities to your device. You enjoy complete control on your app icons, widgets and screen layout.

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James Wilson is an expert mobile app developer at Applax Ltd, a mobile application development company. He has been in this industry for more than eight years and like to write on latest topics related to mobile application development and technologies.