10 Apps to Help with Home Renovation – Infographic

Renovating your home is never an easy task. It can be difficult to even know where to start. Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision on what you actually want the new room you’ve been dying to create look like. Wanting to renovate is one thing, but actually knowing how you want to renovate is another. Some people worry that if you they a full redesign they might not be happy with the results. Luckily in this infographic from Half Price you might finally get the inspiration you need.

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Why not download a few of them to see do they help? Apps like Houzz have soared in popularity as it lets you inside the homes of other people to see what renovations they’re doing! It might help you get started.

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There are other apps that will help you measure everything up before you get started. Accurate measurements are vital as when you start a job it can be hard to go back after making a mistake. You should have no issues if you download and use the Handyman Calclator.

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Can’t decide on paint colours? Well luckily there’s an app for that too. Check what your room will look like before you paint the whole room and hate the colour. Find out more in the infographic!
An infographic by the team at Half Price.