10 Romantic Door Mat Ideas for a Couple’s Room

Believe it or not, doormats can be chic, and even romantic. The secret is to make a sensible selecting when buying such an interesting item of décor. Commonly used in the hallway, door mats might fit outside or inside a bedroom too. They have different purposes and they come in a wealth of shapes and sizes. Here are 10 romantic door mat ideas for a couple’s room.

Heart-Shaped Doormat

You can’t go wrong with a heart-shaped doormat. If your goal is to impress a loved one, placing such a mat outside the bedroom will instantly grab attention. Make sure it is made of a qualitative material, such as bamboo or coir; this way you will also prevent dirt and grime from damaging your bedroom floor.

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“I Love You” Mat

Doormats with meaningful messages are the best; they create an impact, not to mention that your sweetheart will be really impressed by the gesture. A doormat with “I Love You” written in caps is an original way of showing just how much you care for a person.

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Braided Doormat

A braided doormat is not something people would choose to decorate their room. However, the idea can be incredibly cool and innovative. There is a wide selection of materials you can use to make the mat; do it together with your loved one, and create something unique. Rope for example, or old clothes cut in thin shreds are ideal for a braided doormat.

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Doormat Made of Soft Materials

If you want to make your bedroom appear cozy and comfortable, you can complement the décor with a soft doormat. There are lots of DIY projects you can consider; or if you don’t have time, you can always invest in a ready-made doormat. In terms of materials, cotton is the best choice you can make.

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Mosaic Masterpiece

Transform your bedroom into a museum, and opt for a unique mat made of broken ceramic tiles. Use a backer board and glue to hold the pieces together; personalize it after your own taste and give your room an added flair or ingenuity.

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Wooden Doormat & Scrapped Words

Every young couples who loves walking in the park, also loves to scrape their names on trees. Now you can take this idea to a whole new level. Invest (or you can try to make one) in a mat made of hardwood, and scrape a beautiful message on the mat; make sure it’s something romantic, something that your loved one will like to see every day she walks in and out of that room.

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Trivet Threads

If you have a vintage-inspired bedroom, you could spice up the décor with a dainty doormat made of trivet threads. The final product will look extremely complex and sophisticated; nobody will notice that it only took you a couple of minutes to connect together.

Stenciled Statement

Use commercial floor mats to make a statement. Stencils are an easy way to revamp the basic style of any common doormat. There are so many design possibilities you could select from; since you’re placing that mat in the bedroom, you should think of a powerful word to impress your loved one – love, eternity, forever in love, etc. are phrases that will instantly grab attention.

Cool Drawings

Doormats with cool drawings are the most alluring. Opt for romantic illustrations such as kissing couples, and your bedroom will become the love nest you’ve always wanted. Make sure to select a vivid color too; jut because that mat goes at the entrance, it doesn’t mean it has to look dull and boring.

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Cast Iron Doormat

Cast iron doormats are extremely graphic and elegant. They go really well in homes with an ultra-royal appeal. Use colors of deep red and black for your bedroom, and place such beautiful doormat; the moment you walk in you’ll feel like walking into an opulent room that screams extravagance.

A couple’s room has to have a romantic feel. There’s no need to invest in furniture to make the happen. Doormats, covers, blankets, curtains, flowers, and other decorative items that are more affordable can make that happen for you. Think outside the box and let your creative spirit shine!