10 Solid Tricks for Novice AutoCAD Users

Worldwide professionals create the drawing files to define equipments, products and buildings which we use daily in AutoCAD. The following tips and tricks for novice AutoCAD users will help them in order to command high wages along with job security. It will also help someone who is looking for a job in digital designing sector.

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tricks for autocad users

Identify Points

Just take 30 minutes and learn all the ways how to select points in AutoCAD by reviewing help files. It will help you to create better drawing and also save a lot of your valuable time.

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Eye on Command Prompt

You will find the Command prompt. At the bottom of the screen. If you keep your eye on the command prompt while issuing commands then you will find that every command you issue puts its options on this line.

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Use Top Screen Menus

Use edit, draw and modify menus to launch AutoCAD commands which you will get at the top of AutoCAD screen. As you become more familiar with AutoCAD you may use the toolbar and the command prompt to issue commands.

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Don’t Draw Un-necessarily

Novice users spend too much time drawing. Use the BLOCK and WBLOCK commands to create named geometry and INSERT and DESIGN CENTER along with EXPLODE commands to place editable geometry in your drawing multiple times. These commands will save a lot of your time. Don’t spend your time drawing the same thing again if it is done earlier.

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Get Organized

There are a million books and websites that review Windows fundamentals. Just take your time to master the basic skills they review and you will be spending less time looking at things to get organized.

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External Referencing

If you are working as in a team then put the geometry you need in one file so that everyone can create new files externally referencing the mother file. By this, multiple people can work on the same project at the same time. Use the XREF or Design Center commands to place one drawing inside another and inserting external references respectively.

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Use Model Space and Layouts

1 inch in the real world is 1 inch in AutoCAD’s model space. After drawing your objects at full scale, select a Layout to toggle into paper space specifying the size of your paper. MVIEW command can be used to “cut a hole” in the paper and display the objects in model space. From the File menu choose Plot to plot your scaled drawing. The basic instruction is, draw at full scale in model space creating scaled drawings in Layouts.

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Use Dimension and Text Styles

If you don’t use dimension and text styles then you will have to spend a big time tweaking each and every dimension to text your created block. You can use STYLE and DIMSTYLE commands to define fonts and dimensions. By changing the style updates, if you define a style then all the text and dimensions will be updated accordingly.

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What Other Does?

Use templates, text styles, title blocks as well as dimension styles and plot styles to save everyone’s time as your drawings will be easier for others to edit. It is always better to ask questions than do something no one else in the office will understand afterward.

Back Up

Every drawing takes hours of man hours so a lost or deleted or corrupt drawing file can mean lots of lost revenue. You need to back up in such a way that you can go back four or five versions of your drawing because often problems in a drawing are un-noticed for a long time.




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