12 Free and Affordable Online Courses for Designers

In the field of design, there are many late bloomers. But it’s never too late for these designers to take introductory courses to guide them with the basics. They don’t have to attend a formal university to read all web design books or to take an undergraduate course for this. In fact, numerous open education websites online can already equip them with all the fundamentals they need.

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Free and Affordable Online Courses for Designers

So if you have been looking for Free and Affordable Online Courses for Designers then here you can find 12 best online courses that can help them start their careers as designers:

Design in a Nutshell

This introductory course in design details important movements in the development of design throughout history. It’s a 10-hour course where students will be thought of ideas and concepts on design thinking. It gives students an idea on what kind of designer they are.

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Design Thinking

The creative process every designer goes through is never easy. In this course, designers will learn how to come up with solutions to problems on design. This course teaches innovative ways to help them come up with design solutions.

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Design Thinking: Creativity for the 21st Century

A course that aims to look at basic design principles and how to execute them into projects, it’s an introductory course for every designer. It includes many hands-on activities and projects that can help students create their portfolio with quality works.

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User Interface Design and Implementation

For a more practical use of concepts, this course explores user interface and how it can be improved with design and implementation. This is most useful when one aims to create a website or any material with graphical interface.

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Web Design

It’s a pretty simple course meant for self-learning. Wiki Univserity’s course on Web Design is sufficient in explaining basic concepts on how to build websites and gaining clients for projects. It’s still underdevelopment but it’s an easy-to-understand guide to the complicated web design principles.

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Beauty, Form & Function: An Exploration of Symmetry

Inspiration is the life blood of all designers. In this course, they’ll be taught of the beauty in symmetry and how it can be applied in design. Every aspect of nature and its symmetry is tackled, and the functions of the patterns formed are explained.

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Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society

This course is a more hands-on approach on teaching design. Though no background is required, it’ll be an advantage if the student knows more about sketching, 3D modeling and model making. Fundamental concepts are combined for challenging exercises.

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Introduction to Computational Arts

This course offers a more thorough look at art in electronic media and gives students a chance to learn about image processing, simple programming, and even sound recording. Tools such as Photoshop CS5 and GIMP will be tackled in the visual arts section of this course.

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Best in Design: Lessons from SND Competition 2010

New Design may not be something every designer considers, but it’s still a good branch of the field. In this course, past winners of a news design competition will be analyzed. The key elements on what makes a design work and what doesn’t are discussed.

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Five Steps to Stronger Data Visualization

Some designers use data in design, and this course can help them with the thought process when designing data. Students are given ideas on how they can present data with or without visual materials. But most importantly, students will learn how to process raw data into a compelling material.

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Typography for News Design

Design covers a lot of areas, and typography is one of them. Here, students will learn which kind of typography is most effective when delivering news.  Though it focuses on the use of design on news media, the course explores principles of type and discusses common typography mistakes.

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Picture This: Interactive Data Visualization

Data visualization is not an easy thing to do, but it’s something anyone can learn. In this course, not only are students taught how to visualize data in an approachable manner, but are also guided on how to apply it on the web.

Structured learning may be a good way for designers to learn, but this freestyle approach to education is pretty useful, too. Most designers are self-taught, and they just need additional push to make them achieve their true potential.

Ella Myers is a Creative Writing graduate. She currently takes web design classes online and works part-time for uk.bestessays.com. She hopes to get her novel published soon.