12+ Photoshop and Illustrator Brushes for Valentine’s Day

To most people, Valentine’s Day means chocolates, flowers, and fancy dinners. To graphic designers, it means a chance to draw something gorgeous. Whether you were commissioned to design a valentine, or just feel like making something for a loved one, this holiday is a chance to let your creative side shine.

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Of course, creativity is a lot easier with a little help. Valentine’s Day is also a chance to explore the variety of beautiful Photoshop brushes that can help make your card perfect. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Photoshop and Illustrator brushes. They are all completely free, and easy to install. What are you waiting for? It’s time to create!

13 Photoshop and Illustrator Brushes for Valentine’s Day

1- Hand Drawn Floral Pattern Brushes

These gorgeous brushes have a sketchy, artistic look, all while maintaining an elegant feel. Choose from one of eight different designs.

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2- Valentine Brushes Pack

Quirky, heart-filled brushes, designed with a modern feel.

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3- Ornamental Butterflies

Hearts, butterflies, and curling flowers – everything you need to make a soft and sweet Valentine.

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4- Butterfly Flowers

Where the last set of butterflies were cute, this set is elegant. Stained glass shapes are coupled with ornamental floral designs.

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5- Big Wet Kisses

Thick, emotional hearts painted with a calligraphy brush.

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6- Floral Mix

A group floral motifs, ready to adorn and decorate a canvas.

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7- Heart Brushes

Sketchy, hand drawn hearts that are perfect for a more lighthearted card.

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8- Brush Hearts

Twelve twisty designs, ranging from simple lines to complex loops.

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9- Valentine Brushes

This set contains sweet messages, adorable hearts, and cute floral bouquets, all with the feel of notebook doodles.

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10- Damned Hearts

Six inverse heart motifs for a slightly edgier valentine’s card.



11- Hearts of Today

Four hearts shaped out of delicate floral patterns, easily useable together or alone.



12- Hearts in High Res and Half Tone

These soft hearts are perfect for filling in a background, or just decorating a page.



13- Jar of Hearts

Grungy, hand drawn hearts to add just a bit of life to your card.



Kandra Churchwell is the owner of Phases Design Studio, a web design and graphic arts agency located in Denver, CO.