25 Handcrafted Modern Furniture Trends

What’s so special about handcrafted furniture? For starters, we should point out that handmade furniture is unique. It features the most exquisite color combinations and it uses the best materials on the market to sculpt beautiful decor pieces. Unlike mass-produced furniture, handmade items are flawless; they’re attentively manufactured with a sole goal in mind – to wow the customer.

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The newest trends in interior decor for this summer are focused on 3 main materials: glass, metal, and hardwood. When combined together the end result will knock your socks off. Homeowners want their homes to look fresh, clean, and organized. Handcrafted furniture can make that happen for you. Multi-purpose coffee tables, glass tables, side tables, and unusual shapes for dining tables are all meant to revive your home decor and make it more chic.

Glass can be such a revolutionary type of material. It has the power to reflect light, so it opens up tiny spaces and makes them seem wide and spacious. Nowadays, homeowners are not copying their neighbors’ furniture anymore. That phrase “where did you get that chair, I want one just like that” is outdated; uniqueness dominates the interior design branch, which is why handmade furniture is in high demand right now.

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Both glass and metal are perfect combos for a modern type of home. The minimalist style has been adopted by millions of people in the last 2 years. Modular furniture, atypical table shapes, statement decorations, and color mixes you never thought of before are slowly changing the way we used to think about interior design.  Let’s have a closer look at some really cool handcrafted modern furniture pieces.

Apollo Coffee Table

Columbine Round Coffee Table

Post Modern Coffee Table

Ribbon Round Coffee Table

Vienna Chair

Capricorn Dining Chair

Havana Dining Chair

Tiffany Chair

Opera Round Dining Table

Capricorn Oval Dining Table in Hand Polished Stainless Steel

Neptune Rectangular/Oval Dining Table

Liberty Round Dining Table

Mercury Rectangular Dining Table

Buraq Dining Table with Wooden Top

Vienna Dining Table Rectangular Dining Table

Capricorn Standard Lamp

Vienna Table Lamp

Liberty Console Table

Exe Console Table

Versailles Console Table

Florentine Console Table

Memphis Coffee Table

Puzzle Coffee Table

Mercury Coffee Table

Puzzle Console Table