4 Must Have Products to Make You Smart Musically

Modern technology has made it much easier for people to listen to their favourite tunes when they are on the move and it has also had a big impact on the way that many people consume music in the home. Although it may sound positively primitive to anybody under 40, it was not that long ago that the only way people could listen to whatever they wanted to in their own home was to buy vinyl disks and play them on a gramophone. The alternative was to listen to the wireless, as early radios were known, which of course meant that you had to make do with whatever the disc jockey wanted to play. Now we’ve finished the history lesson, how can you fill your home with music today?

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Top products to make you smart musically

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Wireless Speakers

If you own a smartphone or a tablet computer, the chances are that you can stream music from your mobile device to wireless speakers placed around your home. This is a far more flexible way to listen to the songs that you love as you are not tied to a conventional music centre that has to be plugged into an electrical outlet at all times. Most wireless speakers are equipped with Bluetooth, which enables them to communicate with similarly equipped mobile devices, and can run on batteries for several hours at a time.

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A Personal Music Player

If you live alone and do not wish to disturb your neighbours, a personal music player could be the perfect solution to your home entertainment needs. There are many excellent mp3 players on the market as well as units that can play lossless formats such as FLAC, APE and WAV. If you frequently have a yearning to listen to rock tunes at full volume in the early hours of the morning, this is probably your best option. There is nothing to stop you buying a personal music player as well as wireless speakers of course, so you can have the best of both worlds.

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A Wi-Fi Adapter

If you have a decent stereo system in your lounge and you are not keen on retiring it yet, you could invest in a Wi-Fi adapter. With the right music app, you will then be able to stream songs from your smartphone to your stereo system and utilise the equipment that you already own. You can still buy some inexpensive wireless speakers for the other rooms in your house so that you can enjoy your favourite bands no matter where you happen to be. Certain apps will let you use both Wi-Fi adapters and wireless speakers, so there is no need to buy more than one program.

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A High-End Stereo with Multiple Speakers

The earliest systems available to people that wanted to listen to music in every room of their house were high-end music centres that were capable of utilising multiple sets of stereo speakers. The first ones simply played the same music through each set but later systems introduced the capability to listen to more than one music source at the same time. You could listen to the radio in one room, a vinyl record in another and a tape in yet another. The downside of such systems is being stuck with these different, analogue formats, and the best ones are prohibitively expensive for many people.

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The best solution for your home will depend on your personal living arrangements, what mobile devices you currently own and your budget. However, the majority of people that are reading this article will probably find wireless speakers paired with a decent music app or even a Pure radio to be their best option.

Nicole Abrahams is a writer experienced in covering topics in technology and the home. She currently works in partnership with a provider of internet radios.