4 Surefire Ways for Cementing Your Local Digital Footprint

Australian businesses have a great opportunity to enhance their local presence by taking advantage of digital marketing activities in their local area. More often than not, the competitiveness with local digital marketing is much lower than those businesses that are targeting regional, national or international campaigns. Web commerce is poised to grow over the next few years and businesses that invest in their digital marketing activities now will be expecting to reap the financial rewards from their digital investment efforts. For those businesses that would like to get involved, but have no idea where to start, online marketing agency Digital Next has provided tips that you can use to cement your digital footprint.

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Getting a Fixed Listing on the Google Places Results

Google tends to give preference to its own digital assets in Google places nowadays. Businesses must get their business listed on Google places and Google plus if they want to successfully have a chance to dominate their local digital market. Businesses can achieve this by:

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* Setting up a Google Plus business account.

* Optimising their business profile.

* Gaining citations to improve their Google places rankings.

Use Digital to Maximize Visibility in Your Local Area

Allow people to find your business through web digital assets. These assets will usually carry more authority than local websites and will be easier to rank across niche keywords. Some the useful platforms that you can use to get your business more visibility include:

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Organic Search Listing (SEO)

For a business to confidently succeed in its local market, it is vital that they can be found in local search. Listings on search engines are the new form for gaining a directory listing for a product or service. Businesses can enhance their organic search visibility by optimising their site and link building activity for organic search. It may take some time to reach to the first page and claim the top spot, but once the business is successful in achieving this, they will be able to acquire an influx of local leads and sales.

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YouTube Videos

The power of YouTube is amazing. You can gain visibility through the video search or by having your video appear in organic search (also known as Universal search). To succeed, you will need to optimise the titles, descriptions and tagging of the video to maximize your visibility across the YouTube video and organic search platform.

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Web and Social Profiles

Place your business on profiles that will enhance the perception of your business and that will allow you to gain more visibility. A platform such as LinkedIn serve as a good professional base and also provides strong SEO authority which should make it easier for the business to appear in local listing results.

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Local Paid Search Targeting

You can easily penetrate (or dominate) your local market with a targeted paid search campaign. By focusing on local specific keywords that are targeted to your services or product offerings. By gaining the prominent search marketing positions, your business will always maintain a presence in front of those prospective customers that are actively looking to do business with you.

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Local Search Display and Retargeting

You can take things a step further and enhance your brand presence with display marketing and retargeting efforts. You can send your message to those people who have previously expressed an interest or action on your website. It is often cheaper to remarket to these potential customers and to convert them into customers. The settings for this type of marketing activity can be specified to a geographical area, which is perfect for those seeking to dominate their local market.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing when used effectively can be a great way to generate leads and sales. Used ineffectively and it will lead to web spam and a negative reaction from your prospective customers. Email marketing can be used to educate and build credibility to an interested prospect base. Should the campaign be successful, web businesses can expect to close sales easier, generate more referral business and develop stronger credibility. Furthermore, email marketing is a cost effective branding exercise to remain in the front of the mind of prospective customers.

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Mobile Applications

While this isn’t strictly online, it has increased in its influence when it comes to digital marketing activities. The development of a mobile app for business may allow the potential or current customer to receive notifications directly, making it a cost-effective marketing exercise. Furthermore, the mobile application may provide an easier user experience and incentivise the customer to engage their commercial activity through the mobile application. Web commerce businesses such as Agoda have successfully implemented this model to their digital marketing program.

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As the Australian search landscape continues to grow, Australian web businesses seek to claim their stake in the organic search real estate that will generate them thousands in additional revenue for their business. Cementing the business’s digital footprint boils down to developing and executing a powerful SEO strategy.

Digital Next is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, specialising in SEO, PPC and Web Design.  With a wealth of experience under their belt, they continue to unlock the potential of Australian businesses.