40+ Creative Ideas for Bathroom Accent Walls

Bathrooms are one of the most often overlooked spaces when it comes to interior design. We think this is a huge shame, since they offer so much potential for experimenting and incorporating fun themes into your home!

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If you’re not yet ready to commit to an entire bathroom overhaul, why not start small and incorporate an accent wall? Accent walls are an easy and affordable way to give your bathroom a completely new look and feel! Best of all, if you love the way your accent wall turns out, you can slowly incorporate its style into the rest of your bathroom!

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Not sure how to get started? We’ve rounded up some awesome bathroom accent wall ideas for you!

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If your bathroom is painted, make it pop by mixing one of the walls up with a complementary colour. This is a great way to experiment with shades that might seem a bit too overwhelming for an entire room.

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How refreshing is this green wall? It’s bright and fun! Since it’s kept to “accent status” it’s not overwhelming and actually adds a fresh, spa-like vibe to the room. We love how the colour is also incorporated in the wash clothes and side tables!

You can also experiment with other colors to give a desired look to your bathroom accent wall.

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Wallpaper is a perfect option for accent walls in bathrooms that are painted in neutral colours. Opt for a modern print to give the room a contemporary chic tone. Antique wallpaper patterns can give your bathroom a luxurious, almost Parisian feel. If you’re looking for a cozier mood, vintage papers can do the trick.

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These photos are the perfect example of how wallpaper can turn an otherwise average bathroom into an upscale and eclectic space. Make sure you pick a moisture resistant wallpaper to avoid peeling and mildew!

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If you have exposed brick in your bathroom, consider yourself lucky because you’ve essentially got yourself a built in accent wall! The best part about brick wall is its flexibility when it comes to different themes and styles.

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In the photo below, the bricks bring out the modern, industrial feel of the room. Brick can also be used to make a bathroom seem more rustic and cozy.

Luckily, if you love the look and feel of exposed bricks but don’t have any in your home, many manufactures sell tile and even wallpapers that are made to look like bricks.


Last but not least, almost all bathrooms incorporate tile somewhere—whether it’s inside the shower or in the form of a back splash behind the sink. That said, this tile is often neutral and boring! What a perfect opportunity to have some fun, by including untraditional tile into an accent wall.

Bright coloured tile and mosaics can instantly change the mood of your boring bathroom. If you want a regal and luxurious mood to your space, opt for slate or marble tiling.

We love how the picture above uses tile to turn a neutral palette into a totally fun design.

However you design your bathroom accent walls it is important to compliment it using the right bath and shower accessories. If you don’t do that it can mar the look of the bathroom and ruin your efforts to make your bathroom look stylish.

Anne Flemings is an enthusiast homemaker who lives in Toronto with her husband and two kids. She loves interior designing and is always in pursuit of the latest changes and trends in home improvement. Her other interests lies in cooking, painting and blogging. She can be followed on twitter.