5 Common Usability Mistakes That Must Not Be Overlooked

You may never know but it may so happen that near about five or more usability mistakes could be negatively impacting your website and driving away potential clients or customers right now! Worst you yourself may not know what these mistakes are.

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The good news is that significant amount of research has been performed on user experience or UX designs and it helps in irradiating any mistakes and getting them eliminated. As a result, your business website can attract and engage more potential audience thus allowing you to do better online sales.

common usability mistakes

You can easily trace out common mistakes and after eliminating these errors notice how impactful can your online business become and/or how it can have a positive impact on revenues you earn. Let’s get into what these common usability mistakes are and how can they be eradicated.

1) Not Having an Impactful Headline

You may not realize this but a lot of designers are responsible for this guilt. It is the headline that can grab the attention of visitors and compel them to come visit your online business. According to research it is the headline and flashy images that can draw immediate attention. In fact people tend to scan the first couple or words that you use in your headline just before they arrive to a decision of whether they wish to stay or leave your website. Your headline can be perceived as a lifeline that has the potential to capture the reader’s attention for a second or so before it is ignored. And this is why the headline is considered to be so important.

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So does your headline have to be so catchy? Well if it isn’t then you could be killing your sales and if the homepage and landing pages do not have great headlines then why should anyone land on it and stick around. Always ensure that the words used to create your headline are powerful and captures the essence of the content or description you are using on the same page. This would provide a reason for the audience to stick around.

2) A Website that Takes Ages to Load

Do you think your audience has all the time in the world to wait for your website to load on their browser? Certainly not and this is why if your site takes ages to download then chances are that your audience would move on to another site altogether. Usually customers are impatient and as per statistics a less than 2 second increased delay in page download impacts satisfactory levels.

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Elements that contribute towards delayed download could be images or heavy videos. Always try to optimize your images and videos and use them judiciously.

3) Insensible Spacing and Typography Error

Yet another important aspect that can affect user experience is spacing and typography errors. You need to ensure that the elements that make up your web pages like images, graphics, banner and content are spaced adequately. If the space is less then the page would look cluttered and no one would be interested to go through it. On the contrary, if the space is more then the visitors would take a while to locate objects and would not want to go through your website.

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Even the typography and accuracy of content needs to be looked into as it depicts quality measures. A well written content is certainly going to have a positive impact on your audience and would indulge them to read more.

4) Complex Navigation Structure

Your site’s navigation is one of the most important elements that need to be set right. If it is complex then chances are that your visitors would get confused and would want to move to some other website. Try to keep the navigation as simple as possible and while having it designed try to think from the layman’s perspective.

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Some companies just don’t seem to get the navigation right. Pages are placed in the wrong sections and it becomes tough to look for them. Ideally the target page should be made available within 3 clicks.

5) Lengthy Landing Pages

Another aspect that most site owners tend to overlook is the length of the page. If the scroll tends to go on and on and the content is like a never ending story it is but obvious that your targeted audience would lose interest and close your website. Try to limit the length of the page and keep the scroll minimum. Also, ensure that the content on the page is direct and wraps up your message in optimum usage of words. At the same time the content needs to be meaningful and should keep your audience engaged. The last thing that you would want is to drive away people just because the page length is too long and the content has no meaning.

Pushpendra Shukla is an experienced UX design specialist for web portals and currently working with ITchimes as Technical Lead. As a profession he performs research work on how to improve visitors coming to a website and what is it that they really look for.