5 Jewellery Trends to Look Out For Spring 2013

Winter can be a dull month for many, with the festivities behind us and not much to look forward to yet, it is always fun to look ahead to spring time! Lambs will be born and the temperature will start increasing outside, overall it feels like a much more joyful month. There are also the new trends to look forward to which you can start to get excited about now! I am interested in jewellery making so have been searching for what will be big this spring time, here are 5 of the trends I discovered:

Trend # 1; Green Emerald Jewelry

The first big thing to look out for that is set to be around all year is the colour emerald. It is the colour of the year and the gorgeous deep green shade fits perfectly into jewellery making. It has a majestic appeal to it, something that looks elegant and beautiful. This will be easy to incorporate into bracelets, necklaces and earrings and will look radiant when paired with silver.

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green emerald jewelry

Trend # 2; Green Gems with Black Stones

With emerald taking centre stage as the main colour that will be used, it is no surprise that oversized jewels is going to be a big trend too. With something as bold yet sophisticated as emerald green, having these in large settings on necklaces especially, will draw even more attention to accessories. Teaming the big green gems with crystals and some black stones too, would make a perfect piece to wear for a special occasion.

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green and black stone jewelry

Trend # 3; Yellow with Silver, Green or Blues

The second colour that will start to make its appearance is yellow. A touch of lemony zest is the perfect shade to shout out spring! You need to be confident to pull off this bold and shocking colour with clothing, however if you want to add just a hint of it to your outfit then jewellery is the perfect way to do so. Using a combination of bright yellow beads mixed with silver, greens and blues would make a fantastic piece reminiscent to the outdoors.

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yellow stone jewelry

Trend 4;  Turquoise Feather Jewelry

The next trend is a mix of a colour that will be popping up everywhere, as well as some materials too. Gorgeous turquoise hues which really make you think of summer will be another colour trend. These will be getting mixed with feathers and thick silver settings and beads for a tribal look. This trend was around in 2012 but is set to become bigger in 2013. Feathers are fun to use when creating your own items and you can find ones that are cheap and available in various colours and sizes.

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turquoise feather jewelry

Trend 5; Pearl Jewelry

Last but not least is the fifth trend to watch out for, which is pearls. With the royals being forever present, adding a touch of upper class and ladylike design to your jewellery is going to be big. Whilst this style was present last year, this year it will be time to kick the pearl up a notch and increase its size. Whether it be a full on pearl necklace or bracelet, or adding a few into a bracelet with other charms or beads, these are a stylish choice for 2013.

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