50 Photography Apps for IPhone

Despite having lots of rumors or evidences about apple latest iPhone, one thing can’t ever be contested by iPhone “dissidents” that this is the best device when it comes to videos, music and editing. The AppStore gives a plethora of options with hundreds of apps allowing editing, cropping, special effects, movie making and animations.

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Even if you are a specialist in the matter of photography, the large number of applications will confuse you. We attempted to share a great collection of best 50 photography apps for iPhone users. You don’t have to consider it necessarily as top 50 iPhone apps for photography. Some users will find the 50th application better than the 10th one. It is only a collection of must-have apps to make iPhone a real photo editing console.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is developed by the reputed Nik Solution, which also offers different video and photo software solutions. We can put it in the section of Editing apps. It adjusts brightness, it lets you choose different contrasts, and to set saturation. It also comes with a library of effects that can be added to any photo. It is not as complete as Photoshop, but it is a mobile app after all. Even if it does not offer options to edit photos while taking those, it is still reliable and intuitive. Not so many options, but still a great app for people that want to send nice photos, but not to spend too much time with editing.

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2. Photo Editor by Aviary

This app is already at the 2.3.0 version, and the good reviews started with the first one. Besides the classical editing features, it allows you to add frames, to use your personal stickers, and to send photos with different effects. We can consider it as a part of the Editor category, but it also scores well for the Effects section. The sharing features of the application are pretty good, as it allows you to send your photos to practically any popular network from the contextual menu.

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Photo Editor by Aviary

3. Pic Stitch Watch

This is definitely a part of the Framers apps. You can add multiple photos in a single frame, but you can also set layouts, ratios and even prints and layouts of any kind from Walgreens. It is focused more on editing the technical details for photos, so we can say that this one is designed for advanced users. The simple interface makes it good for beginners, although.

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Pic Stitch Watch

4. VSCO Cam Watch

VSCO is a complete app that can’t be classified easily. It is a Social one, because it allows sharing with a single touch. It comes with advanced editing features, such as the possibility to adjust contrast, color temperatures and rotation. It comes with present packs, so it is also good for creativity, and it has a simple method to organize folders. Either way, your iPhone will welcome the new addition, especially if you like a complete app that lets you manage media files with ease.

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VSCO Cam Watch

5. AfterLight

AfterLight is the formed Afterglows, and it is a photo and video editing app. It comes with filtering features, so you could find your files amongst those hundreds of folders on the device, and also options for editing. Well, it looks like the Instagram editing engine, and we can’t say if this is really a coincidence, but this makes the app even better. It is also a Movie Editor App that does a great job, and the possibility to take frames directly from the Editor. The sharing aspect is complete, with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr sharing options.

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6. Over-Watch

This app is developed by Potluck, and it allows you to add texts and elements to make your photos unique. It can also create inspirational messages that you can post instantly on a large number of social networks. This is a Collage and Sharing app that will allow you to impress your friends and followers with the most inspirational quotes and with some great photos to highlight your message.

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7. A Beautiful Mess

The name might be a little deceiving, but A Beautiful Mess is indeed the tool for artists. It is a Creational app that can be used to upload photos, to filter those, and to add elements such as borders, texts and phrases. It offers a good method to store and manage photos, and you will find them with ease. A Beautiful Mess refers only at the things that you can do with photos, and about the fact that you can use your creativity at maximum. Otherwise, it is a good app that will allow you to manage files with ease.

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A Beautiful Mess

8. Pic Collage

It is a collage application that must not be absent from your iPhone. It has been developed by Cardinal Blue, and it is great to create freeform collages of any type, but also to customize and manage photos. It has sharing capacities, allowing you to rotate and resize photos, and it will do a great job for an Apple device.

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Pic Collage

9. Camera+

Camera+ is an enhancer for videos and photos, allowing you to crop those files, to border them, and to add special effects. It is a Video Editing app that makes the difference. If comes with cropping, adding and customizing features, and it also has different scene modes such as Food, Sunset, Night and Beach.

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10. PicsArt

This is an Effects application that allows you to edit the majority of characteristics for a photo. It offers FX and artistic modes, and also pop art additions. Use distort, color splash and other features of the program, which are not possible with the majority of other apps. It is also a Collage app with increased capacities.

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11. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is an Android app that offers Editing and filtering options, and also the possibility to add a new photo pre-customized frame. This way, when you make a photo, it will be framed since the start. It is also possible to import photos from different networks, so we can consider this as a good Sharing app.

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PicsArt Photo Studio

12. SeeMail

SeeMail is a Social photo app, allowing you to attach audio files to photos before sending those. It is possible to record up to 33 seconds of audio and attach it as a caption.

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13. SymbolGram

SymbolGram is a Creative and editing photo app, which allows you to change the photo in different shapes. It is also possible to add triangles, hearts and balloons that will make your photo unique. If you don’t want to send boring pictures ever again, this is the application that you will need.


14. Digisocial

Digisocial looks much like Instagram, so it is a Social photo app. The special addition to this app is the possibility to add audio files with photos, but also to send voice clips.


15. Camera Bag 2

Camera Bag 2 comes with 23 filters and presets that can be applied for photos. It also comes with intensity and editing features, along with cropping features, frames and borders. Besides the 23 free presents, it is also possible to download extra 30 at $1.99.

Camera Bag 2

16. Cycloramic

The fans of panoramic photos can rejoice, as this app makes the perfect panoramic photos, and it is also capable of taking series of snapshots. It warns you with a vibration whenever you are going too fast or too slow, and when you get out of range.


17. Wood Camera

Wood Camera is an Editor app that allows you to add vintage elements to a photo. It is possible to add the effects while capturing, but also to use the editing features of the app to change photos taken before.

Wood Camera

18. LightLeaker

This is a Creative app with a special feature. The light leaks were considered mistakes for photos before, but today, it is one of the most popular photo styles. It comes with 30 different types of leaks, which can be applied with any kind of photo.


19. Space Paint

Space Paint is a Creative app allowing you to add Star Wars elements to your photos, such as splatter, smoky and star effects, and also to resize and to change the colors of an app. It is also a Sharing app, as you can send your creations directly to your friends though social networks.

Space Paint

20. Swipe

Swipe is a Typographic app allowing you to put frames to photos, and to add motivational messages. The photos, the frame and the fonts can be adjusted, and once you finished, you can send your creations on social networking platforms.

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21. Picfx

Ok, this is not for serious editors, but if you want to obtain funny photos, this is the one that you need. You can add many effects, and also to give a vintage aspect to the photos. With PicFX, you can create completely different images, especially because of the filters and of effects. While some users will not like all those editing capacities that make the app complicated, some others will find it great because they can build a piece of art from a simple photo.


22. Gridditor

Just another editing app? No. This is the complete editing app that will help you to add four effects out of 22 possible, and you can add one in each direction. This means that you can saturate one corner of a photo, changing the contrast in the other corner, and also to add sepia and black and while effects for the other two corners. In the center, you will not have effects, but at the edges, you can let your imagination run wild. You can blend many effects, and you can use the grid to check the effect that will be made. It does not come with frames and labels, so this can be considered more like a Creative than an Effect application. The Grid is the real innovation of this app, as you can’t find it with many other editing programs for iPhone.


23. PhotoToaster

It is one of the favorite Editing apps for iPhone users, which allows you to add effects, special frames and also other interesting things. It offers a stylish look for your photos, and it has a simple interface allowing you to customize practically any detail of the photo. With this app, you can use global effects to change the aspect of a photo, and also to add on-screen sliders and other effects. There is even a set of vintage effects, which complete the number of editing options. You will even have some pizzazz and fiddle effects, making this app a must have for any serious photo editing fan.


24. KitCam

This is one of the Video Editing tools that will replace many apps on your device, because it has them all! It is simple, intuitive and fast, allowing you to preview and change photos with a simple touch. You can preview the changes before actually applying those, so you would know if you want that effect or not.

However, this is not the only addition to AddCam. The frames can be added before actually shooting the video and it can also be used along with other effects. With a simple finger touch, you can rotate the view, while you shoot videos and photos. It is also an Effects app, because it has many of them, so it is one of the complete apps that you can use for photo and video purposes.


25. Handy Photo

Handy Photo allows you to change many characteristics for your photo, allowing you to add effects. It is an Editing app, allowing you to add tons of effects such as Luminance. Some might complain about the lack of advanced features, but for beginners, it is just enough. There is also the Move Me tool that allows you to “play” with your photo in any way you like.

Handy Photo

26. Path On

This is a Collage application that will turn your photo into viral inspirational ideas. There are some unique editing features, as well as the possibility to adjust and change the message and direction of texts.

Path On

26. Frametastic

Frametastic is more like an Organizer for media files, and a Sharing application. It comes with many creative tools, allowing you to organize photos easily, on graphical elements, and to set filters for colors. It is somewhat like Instagram, but it comes with more frames and editing features. It supports iPhone retina, and you can also export photos with ultra resolution of 2000×2000.


27. Camera+

Even if this app is more liked by iPad users, it also comes with great features for IPhone fans. It has a feature for editing photos, and another one for sharing, so it is one of the most complete video and photo files that you can have.


28. Facetune

Facetune is a Portrait editing app to make you look like 20 years before. It removes wrinkles, unwanted aspects of your face, and also hides under eye bags. It also has reshaping features that will make you look thinner. In simple words, this is the app that you need to create the best profile photo for Facebook, and it is an alternative to surgery 😉


29. Geló

Gelo is a Creative app allowing users to splash colors everywhere around the photos. It is one of the coolest apps for the iPhone, especially because of Gradients. Those were eliminated by the majority of other apps, but a real photo editing fan knows that this is the best method to have total control of the operations. You will need patience if you want to edit your photo with all the features given by Gelo, but at the end, you can add “gels” and many other effects to the photos. It is even possible to add it before taking the photo, and then to share it directly on social networks.


30. FxCamera

FXCamera is a Creative app made for video and photo editing fans. You can use funny effects such as removing eyebrows, but be careful, as you might not like what you get! The Bitcellar is a collection of effects that can be bought from the market, making you look more serious. However, the best feature of this app is the Voice Picture, allowing you to record messages over images, and to send them on Facebook. This way, when somebody receives your photo, the audio file will be played automatically. Now that is a great Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? Use FXCamera to improve your images before taking those, with the auto enhance feature.


31. Clone Camera

Have you ever thought about taking double photos? Clone Camera is the app that allows you to make a photo of the same person in different perspectives, and in different moments. It is like taking a photo of the same person in different locations, and finally, you can add all of those to a single photo! It is a Creative app that would amaze your friends with your replicating ability! The app works perfectly if you have a tripod, so you can take all the photos from a fixed place.

Clone Camera

32. Retromatic

Even if you have a good photo sharing application, you will be disappointed by the lack of vintage elements. Retromatic comes with a large number of features, and also allows you to add special effects taken directly from the 50’s. You can add the elements immediately, and once you are satisfied with the results, you can easily share your creations on social networks.


33. Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch was considered by many as the best iPhone app, and we can say that this name is fully deserved. It is a member of the Photoshop family, so it can’t disappoint. The device comes with many features, such as the possibility to adjust the photos and to change their layers. It comes with 29 frames and layers, as well as the possibility to add text.

Photoshop Touch

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34. Camera360

Camera360 is a complete editor with a large number of functions, being one of the best apps when it comes to customization. You can apply a filter to your photos, and you can compare photos with ‘Before’ and ‘After’ feature. This way, you will know that you want to keep the changes, or if there are other elements that need to be changed. The night photos are also great.


35. PhotoWonder

PhotoWonder can be considered as a Collage app, but it comes with some good Editing options also. It has a nice interface and the possibility to add effects. The filter is not impressive, but the ones that you can apply are perfect. It is an app based on quality, not quantity, so you will be sure that you have made a great choice since the start.


36. Vintage Deco

Vintage Deco is an Editing app with vintage elements. You can give a retro image to your photos, but also other types of effects. The app looks a little like Instagram, and it comes with some funny ideas. You can play with stamps, and you can make even the modern buildings look like classical houses made during the 50’s. Vintage is great for photos of buildings and for panoramic photos.

Vintage Deco

37. Magic Hour Lite

Magic Hour Lite is an Editing app offering all kinds of filters, and also some effects that will change the photos completely. It comes with tinted, over-exposed features that make it different from other apps. You can crop images in different squares, making those perfect for instant uploads in Instagram. It also offers luminescence features, which are really appreciated by current users of this program.

Magic Hour Lite

38. LINE Camera

LINE Camera comes with many fonts and colors. it is a Collage and Editing application with 100 fonts and a really simple interface. it is one of the simplest apps of this kind, especially because it can give shiny effects to your photos.

LINE Camera

40. Tadaa

Tadaa allows you to edit the smoothest aspects of photos, but we all know that small aspects make the difference. This is an iPhone app that will allow you to use social networks as your own editing tool, and to share every photo and video instantly. Moreover, it can also use borders like no others to customize your creations.


41. Rakuga Cute

It is indeed a cute app, so it will be successful with girls. It has some interesting features, such as the editing functions. There is the Mosaic option that allows you to add pixels to any parts of the photo, and this is great when you need to hide license plates, identities or different body parts.

Rakuga Cute

42. Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome is really what it says. It is the best method that would allow you to use all the features of the program in the easiest way possible. It comes with editing features, and with a large capacity for sharing. However, you have to buy the program, if you don’t want to be annoyed about all the ads trying to convince you to buy it.

Camera Awesome

43. Photoshop Express

As this is an Adobe product, you can expect anything from this app, and you will have it. It has no significant flops, and it has all the functions that you might ask from a program if this kind. There are some filters, but some users complain about the lack of options from this point of view. The functions Straighten and Flip are the most interesting as they are not common for other apps.

Photoshop Express

44. Aviary

Avary is the perfect Creative app that lets you be serious but also playful while editing. There are the editing features that make this one suited for the advanced users, but also the decorations of photos that will make them really funny. The selection of filters is really small, but this is only because the app is really new.


45. Paper Camera

Paper Camera is the best app for filter effects, as it takes a different approach about framing photos. You can add effects, and other elements just like in Instagram, and those effects are displayed by the camera even before taking the photo.

Paper Camera

46. Pixlr-o-matic

It is a great Editing app with Retro Effects, and with some additional features. it comes with almost 300 overlays and 200 borders, so you can try it, especially because it does not cost a dime.


47. Ambigram

Ambigram is considered an addition for Instagram, as it offers the Editing capacities of the most popular app, along with the typography features of other programs, it is possible to use a large number of fonts for creating Motivational messages, and you can even tag letters, or photos in which you find your friends.

48. Photoforge2

Photoforge2 offers advanced controls of all the functions of Editing. You can use masks and layers to arrange the photos in multiple ways, and to adjust even the curves and levels of the photos. The color balance, noise reduction and brightness are only a few of the options for this one, so we can consider it the perfect Editing and Collage application.


49. Photolettering

Diptic allows you to edit all the details of a photo, and also to make it a poster, or even a motivational message. This is one of the Editing apps for photos that will allow you to add fonts, frames and also to purchase incredible elements for your photos. It even has some free fonts, but the best one are those that you can purchase from the market. If you are looking for the perfect photography and editing app, than this is the one you need.


50. Instagram

The most successful photo editing app ever can’t miss from any top of this kind. Sure, many things can be changed for this app, such as the cropping method, but we can’t deny that this is a really good app. On Instagram, thousands of photos are shared every day, and the popularity of it grows as we speak, and also the willingness of users to improve this app even more.