6 Amazing Bathroom Fittings to Give It a Modern Look

When it comes to home renovations often en suites and restrooms get dropped to the bottom of the to-do list as kitchens, basements, and new paint jobs take top billing. Did you know that updating your washroom can be as easy as a new coat of colour, upgraded hardware, modernized lighting, perhaps a change of flooring, and/or vanity and voila a weekend project will take you from faded to fabulous with even the smallest budget and some sweat equity!

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Here are a few bathroom fittings and features that can be easy to install and help give your room the facelift it deserves!

1. Lavish Lighting

Who says chandeliers and ornate sconces are just for parlours and foyers? Try adding a focal point made of crystal and light. Check out some great ideas make your dark restroom brilliant! Most can be hung simply without the requirement of an electrician when the wiring is roughed in!

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 2. New Faucets and Fixtures 

Looking to bring a unique design feature to otherwise dull hardware? Why not try changing out your boring standard faucet for a beautiful waterfall tap and barely there tap handle? This artistic feature brings a sense of calm and tranquility to your home spa! Faucets can be an inexpensive way to breathe new life into old bathrooms.

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3. Modernize Your Mirror

One new mirror we love that can help add a greater sense of depth to small spaces and serve as a functional component to your daily routine is the backlit mirror. Whether they are motion sensor activated or controlled by switch, you would not regret the addition of this luxurious accessory that you can install on your own with a level and minimal tools!

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4. Free Standing Tubs

The newest trend is a take on a vintage staple, the free standing slipper tub. If you have the space and desire for one of these gorgeous models it is the worth the investment! Enjoy reading, relaxing, or a glass of Riesling in comfortable and roomy tubs designed to accommodate a comfortable seated position. 

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5. New Shower Head

There is a wide and wonderful world of shower heads with features that include everything from LED colour change temperature lighting to waterproof speakers that allow you to rock out during your morning shower. A funky shower head along with the other necessary shower accessories can really change the tone of the shower. They are relatively easy to install as well.

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6. Fancy Flooring

Sick of your cracked, aged tile? Need a ‘floor-lift’? Instead of traditional tiles try rich hardwoods, laminates, slate or even rubber! Venture away from the everyday to give your room luxurious finishing from top to bottom! This too can be a DIY project with the right tools and a little patience for precision!

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Hopefully you have found some inspiration to start your renovation! With a new coat of paint ( try something daring and dark or bold and beautiful! ) and a fresh set of white towels you will be on your way to spa bliss in no time at all!

Deborah Salinas is my name and I am a contented homemaker who works from dawn to dusk for the well being of my family. I love everything which makes my home look elegant and stylish. I am an absolute family person and I try my best in bringing down heaven within the four walls of my home. I live with my husband and two handsome sons in Toronto.