7 Essential Tips for Every Bathroom Remodeling

Surely, you don’t spend as much time in your bathroom as you do in a bedroom or a living room. Still, the bathroom is one of the most important places. It is a sanctuary, providing you with ultimate privacy. This is where you get ready or pamper yourself and where you’re entirely on your own. The mental benefit of that morning shower is obvious. Therefore, remodel your bathroom, so that it feels perfect. That will make your day, and the rest of them too. Here are some useful tips on bathroom remodeling.

Round, Floating Corner Vanity

Installing a floating vanity will give the illusion of more space in the bathroom. Putting it into a corner will actually free more space since it will clear the way for you to move around. Also, if you brush down those pointy corners and use a round vanity, it will blend easier into the corner and leave more space.

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Think through the First Look Inside

If you open the door and the first thing you see is the toilet, that is just not good design. Your first look inside should be something entirely different. More precisely, anything is better than a toilet.

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Consider Leaving the Old Tiles

Think about the time when your bathroom was built. Tiles and finishes were done quite differently a couple of decades ago. This means that the tiles used to be positioned on the walls by layers of concrete that was mixed in a special way. In other words, it would take a lifetime to break them down without ruining the wall itself. If that is even possible. Therefore, see if you can avoid removing tiles in those sorts of bathrooms and simply work with what you have.

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Sliding Doors and Shower Curtains

Shower curtains will definitely take up less space than a shower door. However, some people don’t appreciate the cold curtain sticking to them when they’re having a shower. Other, very good options include sliding doors or simply a glass wall that doesn’t move. Glass leaves an impression of larger space.

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Splurge on the Materials

If there is one thing you should splurge on, it’s the bathroom materials. Tiles, hardwood and ceramics should be perfect. That is what makes the bathroom durable, comfortable, mould free and enjoyable. That little luxury comes courtesy of the excellent materials.

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Carefully Planned Budget

Whatever you think you’ll spend on your bathroom remodeling, add 20% to that and don’t start until you have your entire budget ready. It is far too easy to go over the amount that you have initially planned on spending. Therefore, proceed with caution.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A beautiful mirror that takes up the bigger part of your wall is definitely something to invest in. All bathrooms with large mirrors look bigger and better. Therefore, don’t hesitate to experiment with different shapes and frames. You can make a frame yourself, or you can try out a large, statement, baroque-type frame. Also, you can go entirely frameless, simply by attaching the mirror on the wall, blending it into its surroundings. Either way – make it big.

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A new and remodelled bathroom can definitely change one’s life. It can make your time in your home more enjoyable, and it will definitely increase the market value of your home. Just mind the budget, because you may not be able to return that investment if you go crazy with the spending.