7 Ideas for Decorating A Superb Guest Room

The guest room is often left untouched and it ends up becoming a store room. So it needs to become more inviting. Guests normally are very hesitant about telling you if something needs to be added to their room so you should be the one to figure these things out yourself before they arrive. Most of the guests feel uncomfortable about staying in the room of someone else but if you set up your guest room by taking the following tips in account then your guests will have a wonderful stay at your place.

Low Maintenance

Your guest room should be low maintenance so that your guests are able to move around the room comfortably because if you put high end pieces in their room they’ll be worried about breaking them or messing them up. For example a simple tip is to go for glass top nightstands because people usually forget placing their beverages on a coaster so by using a glass table top you will save your furniture from getting rings.

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Lighting is very important in a bedroom. Using lamps instead of overhead lighting can save your guests from getting stumbled during the night because they are usually unfamiliar with the surroundings of the room so they’ll probably hurt themselves when they make their way to the bed after switching off the lights. So lamps are a convenient alternative for overhead lighting. You also want dim or low level lights in the guest room if possible.

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Black Out Shades

Blinds are great to block out light in the guest room. Your guests would probably want to wake up late so if the room has direct access to sunlight in the morning then your guests will probably be sleep deprived in the morning and you’ll have very unpleasant guests on your hand.

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Mini Fridge

Guests don’t want to be caught going through your fridge so placing a mini fridge in their room and filling it up with some snacks and drinks is a good way to get them through the night.

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Area Rugs

If you have hard wood floors in your guest bedroom then your guests are probably worried about waking you up during the night from the creaking sounds. Spread a carpet or an area rug in the guest room so that your guests are easily able to roam around their room. Check out elegant handmade Persian rugs online that will look great in your guest room.

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Use Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are easy to wash and clean. A duvet cover works as a pillow case for your comforter. Also using a white duvet gives the room a very fresh and airy look.

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Keep it Simple

Don’t overwhelm the nightstand with decoration pieces because you want to leave some room for your guest’s stuff. Also avoid placing expensive decor in the guest room because accidents happen and your guests will feel very awkward if they knock over and break anything.