7+ Tips to Make Any Room Look Bigger

Today people are going more towards comfort than they are going towards size. While some people prefer small and cozy rooms others prefer larger and airier rooms to allow things to look more spacious. So if you have a small room and you’re looking for ways to make it look bigger then this article will help you do just that. Enlisted below are some tips and tricks to fool the eye and make your space appear bigger. Hopefully they’ll help you out. Good luck decorating!

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tips to make room look bigger


Lighting plays a huge role in how big your room appears because if you have a dark room it makes the room feel more cramped which makes the room look smaller. Whereas having a bright and lightened up room makes the room feel much larger and welcoming which helps create a wider and bigger feel to the room. Mirrors can also help in lightening up the room. Place a mirror against a window so that it reflects all that natural light. This will help your room unite with the outside environment and bring an airy feel to it. However if there is no access to natural light in the space then you can invest in lamps and overhead lighting. You’ll be surprised by the effect this will have on your room.

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Use Rugs to Separate the Room

To create the illusion of a larger space this is a great tip. Rugs help separate a room into small spaces which makes the room feel very organized and wide all together. From hand-knotted Persian rugs to handmade Bokhara rugs there is a huge collection of beautiful rugs available online.

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Mirrors open up the interior of a room. They are probably the best way to make a room feel bigger and spacious. They reflect the decor of the whole room which creates the illusion of another small separate space is the room.

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Glass Decoration

Use glass or see through decor that helps light to get through. This makes the decoration seem like it has occupied very small space.

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Make The Ceiling Feel Higher

Hang curtains as high as possible and make sure they touch the ground at the bottom. This tricks the eye and makes the ceiling appear higher. You can also invest in a low profile bed to make the ceiling of your room seem higher.

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Use Similar Colors & Textures

Using colors on opposite ends of the color wheel breaks up a room and makes each of the pieces seem smaller than one continuous color.

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Use Window Blinds to Control Light

Windows are one of the best ways to make a small room feel big. If you use proper blinds then this can allow light inside the room during the day and conserve energy during the evening.

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Avoid Clutter

Just because you have space available on walls doesn’t mean that every inch of it needs to be covered with painting and photos. The more there is in a room the smaller it appears. Create a focal point whether it’s the window or the fireplace and work around that.

This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She blogs at Alrug. Find out more about her by visiting her blog.