How To Acquire Dozens Of Kindle Book Reviews Without Doing Much Hard Work?

These days you don’t have to own a very popular blog if you want to make money writing eBooks. You have Amazon to thank for that because you can simply upload your book to the Kindle store and you will start making money almost instantly. That is the dream anyway and it sounds simple when you say it out load, but if you’ve tried it before you probably know it doesn’t always go your way. Do you have any idea why you’re not selling books even though you’re a good writer?

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It’s hard watching other people succeed when you feel your work is as good as theirs. They’re writing on the same subject, so it’s not like you’re in a terrible niche. At the end of the day it’s probably down to the amount of kindle book reviews you have because if you had more you would make more sales. There is only so many family members you can go around begging for help, so I want to share a great technique you can use to get a lot more reviews whenever you publish a new book.

Come Up with a Plan

You’re going to be offering your Kindle book for free inside select forums, so you will need to decide in plenty of time which ones will bring you the best results. The main reason you want to decide on the forums early on is because you will need to post a few comments there before you start throwing up links. As soon as someone decides you’re a spammer you will be blocked from promoting your book.

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The Free Giveaway

You can’t start asking people to buy your book because it’s not going to work, so that means you will need to enroll in KDP select. Once your book is enrolled in the program you’ll be allowed to offer it for free 5 days in every 90 day period. Unfortunately while you’re enrolled in the KDP select program you won’t be allowed to offer your book anywhere else, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing anyway.

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Tell People about It

Choose the dates your book will be free and make sure you don’t roll over onto a weekend. Now start a thread in each of your chosen forums telling everyone about your book. Make sure you ask a question because you want as many people to reply in the thread as possible. Some people might post to say thank you, but if you ask them for advice about the book it will give more people a reason to say something.

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Wait a Month or Two

Now you just sit and do nothing because you have to give people time to read your book. If you’re selling a non-fiction book you might be teaching someone a technique so leaving it for as long as possible will ensure they’ve put your words into practice. Anything over a few months and they’ll probably forget about you.

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Send Them a Message

Click on the profile of one person who replied in your thread and send them a private message. Tell them you hope they found the book useful and mention you would be very grateful if they could leave a review on Amazon. Don’t forget to include the link in your message. Now you just copy the message before you hit send and do the exact same thing to everyone in every forum who replied to your threads.

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Watch the Reviews Come In

If they liked your book there is a good chance they will leave you a favorable review, especially considering you’re making it easy for them by giving them the link to your Amazon book page. Just make sure you’re polite at all times and you will be able to sit back and watch the reviews come in. Even a few dozen kindle reviews can make a big difference and this technique is a good way to acquire them.


This post has been contributed by John Miller, a software professional who works for Webfirm, a company providing online marketing services. He enjoys his job and he takes his family on road trips when he gets free from work.