Advantages of Windows 8 Over Windows 7

The Advantages Windows 8 Over Windows 7 are quite many and if you thought that Windows 7 was better, then wait until you see what the latest version of Windows can do. Below, this article will focus more on detailing the main advantages Windows 8 has over the previous version and why you should start using it as soon as possible.

1. Windows 8 Touch:

If there’s one great difference between the two versions of Windows that is the UI. Even though you could have used touch on Windows 7, it wasn’t really ideally implemented. However, Windows 8 focused on the touch screen interface a lot and now it has been improved very much. You can use the touch interface to navigate through Windows 8 very easily and it’s so simple, that your working speed will improve quite drastically.

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Secondly, if you take a closer look at the Start Screen, you will notice it’s an interface that’s built for touch. So instead of seeing menus, you will see tiles which are a way faster way to access the programs you want. On top of that, the handwriting recognition and on-screen keyboard have both improved a lot.

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2. Better Multiple Monitor Support

Because more and more people are using multiple monitors, Microsoft has decided to focus on improving this feature in its Windows 8 release. This means that you will be able to have the Start Screen on one screen and the desktop on a secondary monitor, but you can also choose to have the taskbar and Windows 8 desktop on both screens.

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You may also choose different wallpaper for each of your monitors, if that’s what you want. Windows 8 has made quite a few changes in multiple monitor support and it now allows you to split screen between the Modern User Interface Windows 8 applications, meaning you can have your Messenger on 1/3 of the screen, alongside your desktop. Trust me, this will take some time so you can get used to it.

3. Windows 8 Charms

Charms are something new for Microsoft and they’re only available in Windows 8. They will only appear when you swipe in from the right on a touch-screen or when you’ll choose to mouse to the right hand side of your screen. What they do is that they allow you to access the Start Screen on touch enabled devices, which is very helpful.

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Charms can work with different apps, meaning that while you’re using a social application, it can tap into the share charm, allowing you to easily share files to that application. So basically charms are contextual to the applications you’re using.

4. Windows 8 ARM Support

Even though until now only the x86 based AMD and Intel PCs were supported by Windows, in the latest OS release from Microsoft this has changed completely. Windows 8 now supports any device that runs on an ARM architecture, which opens the door to many possibilities. ARM’s chips have become really popular in the last few years and they are being used in more and more devices, mainly mobile. With the new compatibility, Microsoft aims at making Windows available as widely as possible, especially on the lower cost Windows 8 tablets.

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5. Windows Store

A vital part of Windows 8 is the Windows Store, which offers Modern User Interface, but also desktop applications which can come free of charge or paid. When applications are updated, you will find it’s simple to download the updates, in the same way you would do on an Android or is device.

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6. Windows 8 Cloud Integration

One of the last Advantages Windows 8 Over Windows 7 is the cloud integration the newest version of Windows sports. This means users can save their data in the cloud using the SkyDrive application. From now on, the doors are open for a multitude of possibilities and with this new approach Microsoft considered with their latest OS, it’s clear they hold a lot more surprises for the future!

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