All About The Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB Blue

The Samsung Galaxy S3, successor to the S2, has been out a while now, and we still love it as much today as we did when we were simply anticipating it.  With the Galaxy phones, it is always a case of absolutely loving it or absolutely hating it.  Most people would say they love it, but there is always a chance that you are one of the very few that hates it instead.  Most people who hate it do so not because of the software, the apps or the speed, but rather because of its design.  Hence, let’s take a look at this, to help you get a general idea on whether you will be Team Samsung or Team iPhone (because that is really your only other option in terms of fantastic performance).

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The Design of the S3

The S3 looks a whole lot like the S2, but it does have some notable differences.  The main differences are in the fact that it is more rounded overall, and particularly in the edges and corners.  Furthermore, the lines are far smoother and more flowing.  It is much sleeker than the S2, almost like the Nexus only bigger.

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The Buttons

The home button is still in that annoying spot, right next to the back and menu button, which you end up hitting by accident quite regularly.  The home button is also very narrow and thin, a definite downside of the phone.

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The Recent Apps button is also a bit wrong.  In order to go to the Ice Cream Sandwich multitasking feature, you have to hold the button down for a while.  Not nice.

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The power button is on the right, microUSB on the bottom, volume on the left and the headphone jack on the top.  That’s all good.  The volume rocker could be a bit larger, but how many of us really mess on with the volume once we have set it to loud?

Nature Inspired

According to Samsung, the S3 is inspired by nature.  This is why the device isn’t actually “blue”, but rather “pebble blue”.  We don’t really understand the rest of the “nature” about this phone.  It’s light and it’s thin, which is surprising because it is so big.  Also, it is comfortable to hold because the bezel is smaller.

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The Size

The phone is comparable in size to the HTC One X.  Massive, in other words.  If you do have small hands, you may struggle to hold the phone or to use it properly.  However, you do have the option to hold it with one hand and operate it with the other, but that’s not really what you want to do.  Most of the people who are on Team iPhone use this as their biggest gripe with Samsung.  However, Samsung doesn’t really care: they made their phone this size because it gives better graphics and performance.  They are confident that those on Team Samsung will appreciate this, and it seems they are absolutely right.

Laura Ginn has always been on Team Samsung and can’t stand the iPhone models.  When she finally managed to get her hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB Blue, she was over the moon.  She’s used to the large screen and absolutely loves the device.