Awesome Data Centers And The Tech Company’s That Use Them [Infographic]

Have you ever stored a photo on Facebook or sent an email through Yahoo and then wondered how they manage to process the billions of queries they receive on a daily basis? Behind every small, medium and large online company or tech giant is a server, more specifically millions upon millions of servers.

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Technology for those servers range from traditional server storage to green technologies that utilize the newest in air flow cooling and cold-aisle containment systems.

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Travel to Chicago and you could find yourself visiting a 1.1 million square foot facility on East Cermak. Head to Dublin and Microsoft runs a 550,000 square foot facility.

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Server technology is taking quite the toll on power consumption in the United States. The team at WhoIsHostingThis studied server costs and found that 1.5% of all power consumption in the United States is attributed to power hungry data centers.

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While many servers are used by smaller website owners and mid-sized providers, much of our nation’s energy consumption is gobbled up by the likes of Twitter, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Yahoo. Those combined company’s process millions of tweets, billions of photo uploads and status updates and billions of emails and web searches each and every day.

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Thankfully major company’s such as Google are working to turn their own data centers green. Google actually owns a wholesale power company and invests heavily in solar and wind power for its data centers. Yahoo has went so far as to patent cold-aisle containment systems. Facebook is even harnessing mother nature to create air flow cooling throughout its own data centers.

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For more information about the most awesome data centers in the United States and worldwide check out the infographic:


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