Basement Remodel Ideas for Your Personality Type

For many people, a basement is simply a dark, damp, underground storage unit. It’s probably filled with boxes and containers of ugly holiday sweaters, stuffed animals that are missing eyes or tails, and books that haven’t been read in years. There might be a washer and dryer or even a spare bathroom that no one wants to use because of the seemingly immortal spider that lives in the shower. If you’ve been looking at your basement recently and wondering how it became the Home of Misfit Items, maybe it’s time to remodel.

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The first step in remodeling your basement is to figure out what its new purpose should be. To do that, take a look at what kind of room you find yourself wishing for most often. If you keep building wine racks in your kitchen, consider turning your basement into a wine cellar. If your old gaming consoles and games are blocking the TV, think about a game room. Here are some creative ideas to turn your basement from cringe-worthy to grin-worthy.

For the Entertainer

You love people. You love having friends and family over for good food, good drinks, and good fun. You wish you could throw extravagant parties, but never seem to have enough seating. For you, we suggest:

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  • Home Theater – with all that extra seating, you’ll be able to invite all your friends and family over to watch that new action flick or have a girls’ night watching rom-coms.
  • Wine Cellar – everyone you invite over brings a bottle of wine and you’re running out of places to put them. Why not have an actual wine cellar where you can store and show off all of those delicious gifts?
  • Bar – if wine’s not your drink of choice, go with a bar. From hard liquor to draft beer, you’ll be sure your friends and family will be tempted to stay well past closing time.
  • Living Room – if your upstairs living room isn’t big enough, move the party downstairs. Chances are you’ll have much more room in your basement to put as many chairs, couches, tables, and ottomans as you want.

For the Health Enthusiast

You love exercise. Whether you wake up early in the morning to go for a run or can’t wait until you can do another set at the bench press, you’ll love the ease and lack of traffic while going downstairs to your healthy lifestyle basement.

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  • In-Home Gym – whether you like weight-lifting or running on a treadmill while watching motivational TV, your basement is the perfect place to exercise.
  • In-Home Spa – treat yourself right with a sauna, a whirlpool tub, or hot tub. You’ll never want to leave your basement.
  • Yoga Studio – align your Chi with surround sound playing soft, meditative music while you go through your yoga routine in style.
  • Boxing Ring – whether you use it for training or testing your skills on your friends, adding a boxing ring and punching bags will certainly motivate you to increase your strength and speed.

For the Musician

If it makes music, you love it. Get your basement soundproofed and set up an area where you can play and sing to your heart’s content without disturbing your neighbors.

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  • Recording Studio – set up those microphones, speaker, and software and get recording. You’ll love being able to head downstairs when the mood strikes you and lay down some tracks.
  • Practice Room – you’re getting the band back together in your basement. Call up your bandmates and start practicing.

For the Professional

You work at home. You like having your own space so you can fully immerse yourself in whatever it is you do.

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  • Home Office – get that desk you’ve been dreaming of (that can’t fit in your spare bedroom) and put it in your basement. Add a luxurious office chair and some motivational posters and you’re ready to work.
  • Photography Studio – whether you photograph people, objects, or pets, having your own studio is something most photographers dream about.
  • Art Studio – it doesn’t matter what you create, as long as you have your own space to do it in. Design your basement to fit whatever creative outlet you need and you’ll be a happy artist.
  • Craft Room – if Pinterest is your go-to app, turn your basement into an area you can experiment and test out all those DIY posts.

For the Nerd

You’re still sad Firefly was cancelled and you have no room for all your gaming consoles. Fear not, D&D hero, your basement can be your alter-ego’s hideout.

  • Gaming Room – imagine floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with your consoles, games, and controllers.
  • Collectibles Display Room – show off your mint action figures, collectible mugs, and Comic-Con costumes in style.
  • Comic Book Library – you know you’ve always wanted one.

Written by Kelly Mahan, also writer for wisercosts, a company that helps homeowners connect with reliable contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Twitter: @wisercosts